The Water Label – a retailers’ duty

07/03/2013 | “Why the heck should an independent retailer promote the BMA’s Water Label scheme?” The Water Label – a retailers’ duty. Completely out of the blue, I was asked the other day “why the heck should independent bathroom retailers promote The Water Label.” At first I thought that it was an interesting question. Maybe a simple question. Maybe a difficult question packed with hidden messages and journalistic traps. Then after more consideration I actually thought it was a rather silly question. I instantly turned it on its head. “Why shouldn’t bathroom retailers promote The Water Label?” Apart from it being their duty, yes their duty, to help save our precious resources for our future generations I think that retailers have an obligation, yes an obligation, to inform their customers about the features and obvious benefits of the 2000+ products registered with The Water Label scheme. The scheme is not just a play thing of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. It has grown from a simple idea to become a leading method for educating and informing bathroom purchasers of the characteristics of new bathroom products. It is now recognised at home, in Europe and further afield by governments and the EU commission. And why is The Water Label so important? It gives all consumers including DIYers the choice. It helps them understand a product’s water consumption, flow and performance. It helps them make informed buying decisions. Where else can they go for such information? So why wouldn’t retailers support it? Retailers who support The Water Label stand out from their competitors. They gain greater confidence from their customers and have a greater chance of adding value to the sale. The Water Label makes it easy. So why wouldn’t retailers support it? Manufacturers now design and create products that deliver no less performance but use less water – so why wouldn’t retailers offer all this information. It is my belief, indeed it’s the belief of the 40 manufacturers who have (so far) registered their products with the scheme, that bathroom retailers now have an urgent obligation to inform their customers of the products which will save them money and save water for future generations. Installing water and energy saving products is the new norm. It is the default position. Why wouldn’t you do it? Why wouldn’t retailers promote it? Everything to gain – nothing to lose. Its common sense!

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