Scheme Partners

The European Association for the Taps and Valves Industry (CEIR) was formed in 1959 as the European federation of national manufacturer associations. CEIR gathers together a large number of European manufacturers in the field of valves and fittings. CEIR supports the principles of a free economy and private enterprise in Europe as well as on a global basis. CEIR represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of the European valve industries, in particular towards international authorities and economic and commercial circles.

FECS - Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Céramiques Sanitaires - promotes the interests of the ceramic sanitaryware industry at European level. The association was established in Geneva in 1954 and moved to Brussels in 2009. Today it represents six national trade associations and companies from the European Union, Turkey and Switzerland.

Cerame-Unie, the European Ceramic Industry Association, is an umbrella organisation representing nine sectors: bricks and roof tiles, wall and floor tiles, table and ornamental ware, ceramic sanitaryware, refractories, technical ceramics, clay pipes, abrasives and porcelain enamel. Cerame-Unie's members include national associations and companies from 31 European countries, including 25 EU member states. It engages in a constructive dialogue with the EU institutions, international partners and social and environmental stakeholders. Cerame-Unie's aim is to share expertise in construction, industry applications, standardisation, trade, raw materials, climate change, energy, environment, health and innovation. The industry, 80% of which is composed of SMEs, generates over 200,000 direct jobs and a production value of £27 billion within the EU. With an average of 25 % of production exported outside the EU and a positive trade balance of £4.2 billion, the European ceramic industry is an export champion and a world leader.

The ceramic sanitary industry association represents the interests of German manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware. The tasks include the representation of interests in the fields of social and economic policy as well as the collective bargaining representation of the member companies. Furthermore, the association deals with occupational safety, environment and energy topics.
An important task on the technical side is the coordination and participation of the standardization work in the field of ceramic sanitary appliances and related lobbying areas.
FSKI is a member of the European association "Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Céramiques Sanitaires (FECS)" as well as the umbrella organization "German ceramic industry association".

Anfacesa is the Spanish Association of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers. We are responsible for the quality of our products and the interest of our sector. Anfacesa is also involved with certification and standardization.

The French association of sanitary ceramic industries which includes the majority of ceramic manufacturers that have manufacturing facilities in France.
Core missions: Representing and championing its members' professional interests; Giving help in social and environmental fields.

The French Association of the bathroom industries includes the majority of manufacturers present in the French market.
Core missions: Achieving annual and monthly sales market studies; Communicating with the public through its website and its trade show Idéobain; Being a leading force on the French Technical Committee; Chairing the French mirror standardization Committee.

APPLUS Laboratories, also LGAI Technological Center, is a company involved in testing, certification and inspection. It provides solutions for customers in all types of industries to ensure that their assets and products meet quality, health & safety, environmental standards and regulations. We offer to our customers testing, product development, metrology, and products and systems certification.
LGAI was founded in 1907 as a public entity, and from 2007 the Carlyle Group is the private owner of APPLUS.
The main areas in this company are: vehicle inspections services, services for automotive industry, testing laboratories, certification, metrology, non-destructive testing with advanced technologies and services for oil and gas industry.
We have 20.000 employees around the world working in 70 countries for different Divisions of the Company, but the activity related to sanitary tapware testing is carried out in Barcelona (SPAIN). Besides accredited laboratories according to ISO 17025, APPLUS is the Notified Body (number 0370) for different European Directives: GAD, BED, CPR, Machinery, Pressure...
Applus Laboratories is involved in product development (test design, consulting, trials in prototypes), testing quality control for all the products that are in the market, system certificationand product certification (A+ Mark, CE Marking, international certifications).
Type of testing that Applus can offer: physical and chemical tests, vibration and acoustics, fire testing, gas powered products, mechanical tests, durability and environmental tests. Sanitary Taps Laboratory are prepared to carry out the tests according to European Standards of mechanical mixers, thermostatic valves, shut-off valves, flow rate regulators, electronic valves, shower heads and flexible hoses. We are the only accredited Spanish Laboratory for sanitary tapware.

FLUIDEX as the Spanish Association for Fluid Handling Equipment manufacturers, associates up to 90 producers of pipes, valves, pumps, compressors, filters, instrumentation, etc. not only for the water distribution and treatment but also for the oil & gas, energy generation, mining, etc. It was founded in 1989 and its main objectives are the international promotion of its members and the defense of their general interests.
Our water industry is concerned about using water wisely and preserving our most precious resource. Saving water and reducing waste can benefit us all.

The principle objective is to provide an independent forum for bathroom manufacturers trading in the UK to properly discuss and debate matters of mutual interest. The BMA acts as an information highway between Industry Government and the consumer on all issues that affect the bathroom business in the UK.

Agrival has been the Spanish Association for Taps and Valves since 1977. Its main goals are to protect the interests of Spanish manufacturers, to develop technical resources and encourage R&D. Their members participate actively in Standards and Certification Committees.
They are members of the Spanish Federation for Bathroom Equipment Manufacturers (FEBAN) which represents the Spanish bathroom sector as a whole.

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a member of the International Code Council family of solutions and the experts in building product evaluation and certification, has been accepted as a supporter and scheme partner to the Unified Water Label Association (UWLA). The partnership signifies that ICC-ES certification services are recognized by the UWLA as an option to demonstrate compliance for manufacturers whose products are undergoing periodic audit.
Bathroom manufacturers around the world are aiding governments in their quest to reduce water consumption by producing new, innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products. The Unified Water Label (UWL) is a harmonized European label for all water-using bathroom products. For those looking to enter the European market, this label is an important way to recognize energy-efficient bathroom products and, as an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited body, ICC-ES can help to certify such products.

Pomsad organises scientific and technical meetings, conferences, seminars, panels and other events to provide platforms where the problems of the pump and valve sectors can be identified and solutions to these problems can be discussed. They also submit proposals about the laws, regulations, bye-laws, specifications and standards of interest to the sectors by contacting official organisations. It also contributes by defending its view and works for improving the existing variances within the regulations currently in force, in the view of not only its members, but also the institutions and establishments comprising the whole of the pump and valve sectors, manufacturers, sellers, intermediaries, buyers, users, assemblers, maintenance-repair and service providers and their employees.
Pomsad works towards the formation of Turkish standards to the benefit of the sectors and the country, benefiting from the members, supporting organisations, and other experts. Helps and collaborates with the authorities, organisations and other associations from which it would benefit towards its goals. Pomsad are also members of related foreign organisations and follow the science and technology to transfer knowledge and techniques to its members and promote the Turkish Pump and Valve Industry.

In France, PROFLUID is a member of the Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industry (FIM) and plays an active role in several market-specific associations (GIFIC: the French Association of Equipment's Suppliers for the Chemical Industry; GIIN: the French nuclear industry association - Groupe intersyndical de l'industrie nucléaire, etc.). On an international level, PROFLUID representatives chair the Committees for Standardisation (CEN and ISO) and are active members of the sector-based European committees (Europump, Pneurop and CEIR).

SERSA is the Turkish association for major manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware. Formed in 1996 with its head offices located in Istanbul it represents 33% of the manufacturing base which collectively has 90% of the total Turkish ceramic sanitaryware export market. The Turkish ceramic sanitaryware Industry is running at 4 fifths of capacity of which 50% is for local consumption. The Turkish ceramic manufacturers export to over 100 countries embracing local National Standards including UK, Germany, France, Spain and the USA. The Turkish Ceramic Industry prides itself on increasing production, investing in new technology and leading on efficiency measures. SERSA are proud to support the European Water Label and in becoming the leading body in Turkey to promote the Scheme to the wider industry and the consumer.

We need to promote more sustainable behaviours. Government and industry can make it easier to save water and provide incentives, but taking personal responsibility is at the heart of water efficiency. People need clear advice on how to save water, and Government for its part needs to relate this to wider environmental messages.
Defra's framework for pro-environmental behaviours includes an improved understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour and the motivations and barriers to individual and community action across a wide range of environmental issues. This will help link water saving to other behaviours on energy, waste, transport and environmentally friendly products.

BSRIA is a non-profit distributing, member-based association providing specialist test, instruments, research and consultancy services in construction and building services. Members span the construction industry and are made up of consulting engineers, contractors, property owners and product manufacturers, from the largest multi-nationals to SMEs. BSRIA's mission is 'Making buildings better' achieved by promoting energy and water efficiency best practice through published guidance and training and through test and consultancy to help the industry improve performance and minimise the environmental impact of buildings.

The Water Retail Company is a licenced water retailer, selling water and wastewater services to customers in England, Scotland and Wales. The company offers bespoke water advice to its customers and promotes water efficiency. The Water Retail Company uses the label as a quick and trustworthy guide to identify water saving products.

Bob Products are a small UK business that encourages water and energy conservation through simple behavioural change. We have designed our unique ShowerBoB shower timer as a low-tech, well designed and functional device that can be used by anyone - helping people take steps to save water, energy and money off household bills by taking shorter showers.
We help companies and organisations get their message across. Whether they want to encourage positive behavioural change, promote green credentials or simply improve brand recognition, the ShowerBoB can be branded and packaged to help sustainability campaign messages really stand out to staff or customers. Our clients range from big brand names to water companies, universities, charities, hotels, and housing associations.
We are proud to be a scheme partner helping to deliver key messages on saving water and energy. ShowerBoBs don't cost the earth, but they can count towards saving it.

Showersave waste water heat recovery system (WWHRS) has been installed in almost 30,000 homes across Europe with many of the UK's top housebuilders choosing the system as a cost effective way of improving energy ratings and reducing energy bills for homeowners.
Showersave is a copper, pipe in pipe, heat exchanger that extracts heat from the water that flows down the drain while you are showering. It costs a lot less than a solar panel – by typically 80 % – BUT has the same benefits and doesn't require any maintenance, not to mention the simple installation process. In addition to the cost and CO2 benefits, the system is recognised by BRE within SAP and as such, significantly enhances the energy performance of new buildings under Part L of the Building Regulations.
"I've added the Showersave RV3 into a property we're working on and it's improved the SAP 6 %!, Which is great considering the cost involved" (Steve Saward, Energy Assessor)
Showersave is an affordable solution, best installed as part of a new build or refurbishment. Although the system could be retro fitted, the installation costs far outweigh the actual cost of the product.

British Water is an association which has a wide and varied membership covering all sectors of the water industry. From consultants, legal and financial partnerships, manufacturers of equipment and multi-disciplinary contractors to SMEs and independent consultants. We work to bring a coherent approach to delivering in partnership with the water companies, the best for the British water industry. We try to ensure each member company has access to services that will enhance their development potential and provide an added value factor to the way they do business.

Founded in 1947, CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) is an industrial and commercial public body, placed under the supervision of the French Ministry of Equality of Regions and Housing (METL) and the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE).
CSTB's purpose is to serve innovation in buildings. To do this, it performs four key activities, namely research, expertise, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge, organised to satisfy the challenges of sustainable development in the world of construction. Its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings and their integration into districts and cities. CSTB assessment of innovations provides construction stakeholders with reliable data on component performance levels and durability (processes, materials, elements and equipment) within well-defined areas of application and conditions of use. CSTB supports construction stakeholders by enabling the emergence of innovations, bringing them to market and ensuring their security.
At European level, CSTB acts as a technical assessment organization. It is also an authorized CE marking assessor. CSTB and its subsidiary organizations lead the way in the certification of products and structures. CSTB certification activities and test laboratories are accredited by COFRAC, the French national accreditation body.
The CSTB mission is to gather, develop and share with construction professionals the scientific and technical knowledge crucial for improving the quality and safety of buildings and their environment. Its professional support role is a priority and the work it does is organized in such a way as to be accessible to all construction industry stakeholders and partners.
CSTB offer a host of services that aids manufacturers in achieving compliance to the European Water Label.

Plumbing and heating professionals who are registered with The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) have been conscious of the need to assist consumers in their choice of water efficient products for some time.
Enhancement of the skills of those registered individuals regulated through the voluntary registration scheme operated by CIPHE provides consumers with enhanced water efficiency advice. This advice and guidance programme commenced earlier this year with the launch of the CIPHE GreenPlumb scheme.
The Water Label Scheme is a perfect complement to GreenPlumb registration, which provides consumer access to engineers who are able to support them to save water and save money.

In Compliance GmbH is an international consultancy specialising in the approval and certification of water fittings and components. A German based company with a satellite office here in the UK, In Compliance truly is an international company capable of supporting any compulsory or voluntary approval worldwide thanks to our dynamic and professional network of testing facilities and certifiers.
Whether a product is at conception and prototype stage or simply requiring re-approval, In Compliance has the technical experts to help.
Supporting approvals throughout the EMEA and America, In Compliance can help with the design, administrative and technical aspects of any approval, along with dynamic training workshops to understand why compliance is important. Compliance. Its what we do.

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) is a non-departmental public body representing the interests of water and sewerage consumers across England and Wales. We have four regional committees in England and a committee for Wales.
We represent business and domestic water consumers' views to water companies, regulators and governments and use consumer research and direct contact with consumers to identify their priorities for change. We help consumers with complaints about water companies' service and take up their complaints to get compensation or refunds.
We have pressed and worked with the water industry and its regulators since 2005 to get improvements for consumers. In that time we have influenced companies to return over £130m to consumers through either additional investment or keeping prices lower, dealt with over 60,000 complaints and returned over £6m to customers in compensation. We cost a nominal fee on each water bill a year.

"Designer Kitchen & Bathroom is a monthly trade magazine aimed at residential interior design professionals. Launched in 2000, it has established a niche foothold within the kitchen and bathroom industry. As the Editor, I instigated a re-brand and re-design in early 2012. The aim was to re-focus to deliver an enhanced kitchen and bathroom perspective. I have introduced many new regular features and am working closely with industry associations the KBSA and BMA. I'm looking forward to develop further ideas and continuing to create a design magazine that is well respected within the kitchen and bathroom industry." Martin Allen-Smith, Editor

The Energy Saving Trust is an independent, UK-based organisation focused on promoting action that leads to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions - a key contributor to man-made climate change. We are the source of free advice and information for individuals across the UK looking to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste.
With six per cent of the UK's annual greenhouse gas emissions related to water use, and nearly 90 per cent of those emissions resulting from water use in the home, it is vital to stop wasting water when considering living a sustainable lifestyle. To find out how you can waste less water and energy, visit the energy saving trust.

The essential kitchen & bathroom business magazine, a fresh dimension in b2b publishing providing an exciting combination of hard-hitting news and cutting-edge design. The 80-page monthly magazine is targeted at kitchen and bathroom retailers, manufacturers, designers and new-build specifiers. Its aim is to both inform and inspire in one dynamic package. The content will reflect the enthusiasm and expertise of an energetic and design-rich industry and drive it forward with upbeat, inspirational editorial, striking photography and imaginative design and typography.
The magazine will deliver news, views, comment, designer profiles, retailer showcases, industry issue platforms, trend forecasts and hot new products backed up by in-depth inspirational product features. We'll seize on emerging design trends, upcoming colours and styles, novel interpretations on materials as well as exciting techno advances.
essential kitchen & bathroom business will also tackle thorny industry issues and report on the whys and wherefores behind the news. We'll meet the movers and shakers. We'll ask the questions you want answering! We're making your business our business.

The Irish Green Building Council was launched in 2011 with organisations and businesses from the entire value chain of the built environment. These include Universities, Professional institutes, NGOs local authorities, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Energy companies, leading national and transnational companies. All are united in one common goal to provide leadership to accelerate the rate of change in Ireland to a sustainable built environment.

kbbreview has been the leading business magazine for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry for 30 years. It is hugely respected as a major source of independent news, analysis, interviews and product information for this fascinating sector.
kbbreview is a 100 % controlled circulation magazine, mailed free to 15,000 registered readers which consist of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailers, manufacturers, distributors, builders/plumbers merchants and other industry professionals.
Focusing on the latest products, trends and industry news kbbreview is the essential month read who is serious about providing their customers with innovative solutions.

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine, the UK's biggest-selling kitchen, bedroom and bathroom title, is packed with expert knowledge, inspiring real homes, beautiful buys and the latest trends.
Established almost 25 years ago, KBB remains not just a sourcebook for consumers, but is also widely read and referenced by industry professionals as a round-up of current home projects, as well as trends and products in the marketplace.
Recently publishing our 250th issue, our niche publication boasts a very special 'roll-on, roll-off' readership that is primed to buy your products. Put simply, KBB reaches a new, refreshed readership every one to four months bringing you to a wider audience.
But it's the unique blend of inspirational homes and expert advice that makes KBB magazine really special. The talented editorial team has worked hard to offer readers so much more than any other specialist title by introducing more home case studies - from both the UK and abroad - and in-depth reports than any other niche kbb glossy.
Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine is also available digitally to download to iPad and Android devices. Our digital version is fully optimised for your tablet, featuring added content and images, video, slides shows and lots more making it easy and educational.

The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers (iKBBI) is the UK's first and only Secretary of State sanctioned and industry supported institute dedicated to kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installers, and those retailers offering an installation service. Launched in 2007, its objective is to support the business aspirations of its members, whilst raising installation standards and offering the consumer an informed choice.
The iKBBI fully supports the aims and objectives of the European Water Label, recognising the great importance of water conservation and the role we all play with it. The provision of clear and simple information for the consumer, and importantly the professional installer, will positively impact on choices. The iKBBI positively promotes the scheme to its members and consumers through its website and works closely with the BMA ensuring information is regularly updated.

Kiwa Watertec is part of Kiwa, the global testing and certification organisation. Kiwa Watertec can support and coordinate the product and system certification schemes offered by all Kiwa locations and offices.
Established in 2001, our main areas of activity are testing, approval, certification and consultancy services for water related products. WRAS approval is a key area of our business. Clients are typically public utilities, utilities, (local) government agencies, manufacturing and process industries, (business) services and international organisations.
For the UK market, we have developed a tailor made certification scheme for water related products. Some products, when assessed against European Standards by our colleagues in the Drinking Water Installations Unit, share the same mechanical and performance requirements for the UK market, therefore a Kiwa UK Water Regulations Product Approval can be considered, if the local requirements for construction materials have been met.
The Kiwa UK Building Regulations Approved Product Scheme is applicable to Unvented Water Heaters above 15 litres, to demonstrate compliance with G3 of the Building Regulations.
We can assist with all types of water related products and the associated testing and certification requirements, for compliance with UK Regulations and Compliance with European Standards.
We are accredited to ISO17025

kbbdaily.com is the kitchen and bathroom trade's award-winning online hub, which keeps retailers, manufacturers, designers and suppliers abreast of the goings on in their industry. We feature up-to-the-minute news, the latest appointments and vacancies, and comments from some of the industry's most respected figures through video interviews and blogs. Simply put, kbbdaily.com is the website for kitchen and bathroom professionals who mean business.

More than 300 independent kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and home office retailers nationwide are KBSA members, dedicated to upholding the Association's high standards of design, supply, installation and customer service throughout the interiors industry. You can buy with confidence from a KBSA retail member because all members offer either a Consumer Care Deposit Protection Scheme or a more comprehensive Consumer Care Plus Scheme which cover the deposit, advanced payments, work-in-progress and a 6-year warranty. So if you are planning a major home improvement, use the KBSA to ensure it will be up to standard!

The K&B Network is a breaking news and information portal for kitchen and bathroom professionals. Delivering the latest news, opinions and business advice, it is an interactive business communication platform in this ever growing arena. Fact fïlled features and industry know-how provide crucial advice on developing and maintaining a successful business. The K&B Network delivers essential information that is updated daily in an easy to navigate editorial format. The K&B Network is the only site to offer an online community purely dedicated to the K&B industry. The K&B Links section offers a 'Linked-In' facility for all members of the industry to register their details and connect with other like-minded industry professionals.

The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine is a national consumer monthly title that caters for the needs of AB homeowners looking to spend money on these key rooms. Readers are at the point of purchase and searching for the very best information, advice, guidance and inspiration.
Every month you can expect to find professional photography of beautiful homes, the latest products, appliance buying guides, interviews with key designers and those in the know, trend forcasts, plus contact details of everyone featured in this prestigious title.
The broad editorial and advertising content is drawn from the top end of the market concentrating on the elite kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs. Written by experts in their field, it also acts as a forum for architects and designers to keep abreast of new developments innovations.
We pride ourselves on having a good relationship within our editorial and advertising teams ensuring that The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine is the ultimate in its field.

Home efficiency is as much about saving water as it about saving energy. The Big Green Home initiative aims to save every last drop by encouraging householders to choose wisely when it comes to replacing anything to do with bathrooms and kitchens that involves using water. So the European Water Label is a vital ingredient that helps everyone to be sure they are making the right decisions and doing their very important bit for water conservation.

NSF-Wales is a UKAS accredited facility that specialises in the verification of product performance and regulatory compliance for the water fitting industry; through mechanical testing, materials testing and certification.
NSF-Wales has extensive laboratory facilities providing independent, third-party testing against a range of industry, national and international standards for the assessment of mechanical and hygienic requirements for products designed for the treatment, supply and use of water.
NSF-Wales provides certification and testing services related to UK approvals including NSF-Reg4 which is a certification scheme for water fittings and materials against the regulatory requirements for water fittings in the UK, testing for WRAS Product and Materials Approvals, BS6920 testing, TMV2 and TMV3 certification and testing.
NSF-Wales can also carry out both mechanical and materials tests to a variety of European standards and International Standards.

RAH Consultancy provides advice to the water industry in the design, testing and compliance of water products and water fittings including taps, valves and water systems as well as advice on Water Regulations.

Scottish Water is trusted to serve Scotland, providing vital water and waste water services which are essential to daily life. We provide high quality drinking water to around 2.4 million households and over 150,000 business premises across Scotland, and we treat waste water before returning it safely to the environment.
We are committed to ensuring the protection of Scotland's natural water resources, and we recognise that there are many steps we can all take to protect this valuable resource and improve the security of a sustainable water supply for our customers now and future generations.
We believe the best way to do this, is to work together with our customers to use water wisely to help keep the water cycle running smoothly across Scotland.
By supporting and promoting the Water Label, we hope to help our customers across Scotland choose bathroom and kitchen products which will help them use water wisely at home, which in turn can help them reduce their energy usage and play their part in protecting the natural environment and Scotland's valuable water resources.
For more information on Scottish Water, visit: www.scottishwater.co.uk/savewater

Severn Trent provides high quality water and sewerage services to around eight million people in the Midlands and mid-Wales.
In the next 25 years we forecast that we will need to meet the demand of an additional 1.6 million customers, as well as addressing a potential shortfall of almost 100 million litres of water per day. To meet future demand in a sustainable way we need to become more water resource efficient. We recognise that we have a major role to play in improving our own efficiency and reducing leakage. We also think that helping our existing and future customers to be more efficient in their use of water will play a key role in delivering our objectives.
In our business plan consultation customers told us that they supported our already successful approach to water efficiency. This includes continuing to provide water saving products, education and engagement programmes, but that they would like us to do more. We are committed to helping our customers become more water efficient and support the use of the European water label to help encourage customers to make informed choices and promote best practice of water use reduction.

Established in 1923, the Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation (SNIPEF) is the recognized national trade association for businesses of all sizes operating in the industry in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
SNIPEF businesses are all assessed under the rigorous criteria of the Plumbing Industry Licensing Scheme which SNIPEF helped to launch in 2002. Customers of SNIPEF Licensed Businesses have the assurance that their work will be conducted by qualified operatives working for companies holding appropriate liability insurance cover. Customers have the added protection of access to the Scheme's independent complaints mechanism including a unique Guarantee of Work Scheme.
SNIPEF members are among the leading players in all aspects of environmental technology, including water efficiency and the organization is pleased to support the European Water Label.

"Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom is a high end magazine showcasing luxurious kitchen and bathroom designs. When I joined as Editor I retained the exclusive editorial policy which is to accept exclusive rights on many articles and products featured in the magazine. This allows Utopia to set the trends rather than follow them. Quality and attention to detail are paramount for our readers, and I have introduced more real homes, appliance buyers' guides, and a lifestyle section. My aim is always to keep homeowners up-to-date with the latest designs and launches." Jo-Anne Wright, Editor

Taylist Media Limited was born late 2008 when the existing management team led by Patrick Taylor purchased the highly successful kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and electrical publishing and events portfolio previously owned by dmg world media. Then, as now, our passion for these industry-leading products and vision for the future in publishing and events continues to drive the business and each of our flagship products remain market leaders in their specialist sectors.
The Taylist offering proudly comprises kbbreview, the kbb business-to-business market leader (which celebrates 30 years in publishing in 2014), Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, our consumer magazine that welcomes its 25th anniversary in 2015, and ERT, the market-leading business-to-business magazine that has been published to the electrical industry for 124 years - yes, that's over a century of service to the trade. Taylist Media also organises and presents three major events: the prestigious kbbreview Awards, now in its 20th year, alongside the ERT Awards, which rewards excellence in electrical retailing and the kbbreview conference. Plus, we provide up-to-the-minute news via our websites ERTonline.co.uk and kbbreview.com.
What's more, it is the same team of experienced editorial, sales and marketing experts that built this impressive portfolio of business-to-business, consumer publications and trade events with dmg, who continue today; establishing the best business solutions to advertisers in print, online, face-to-face and digital.

UBM plc is a global live media and B2B communications, marketing service and data provider, with over 6,500 staff in 40 countries.
We help organisations make connections, communicate their proposition and do business effectively. We enable professional people around the world to connect and engage with each other, with the markets they serve and with the information they need to succeed. And we do this by whatever means works best – at live events, through digital media or in publications.
Part of UBM plc, UBM Build Environment is a specialist events, data and media solutions business focused on the construction, property, architecture and interiors communities worldwide.
Our leading exhibitions and live events ensure professionals within the construction, architecture, property and interiors sectors are informed and inspired, are able to source the latest products and services and benefit from news and information on the latest issues from unrivalled educational programmes. Our media brands, including the award-winning Building and BD, provide the highest level journalism on a variety of media platforms for the entire built environment spectrum. Our portfolio of leading industry events includes kbb Birmingham, May Design Series, Ecobuild and BIM Show Live.
UBM is very proud to support the European Water Label.

Waterwise is a UK NGO focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency. We are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.
Waterwise is an independent, not for profit organisation that receives funding from the UK water industry and from sponsorship and consultancy work. In England, we sat on the Environment Minister's Water Saving Group alongside the water industry and regulators. Waterwise set up the Saving Water in Scotland Network.

'Your Home' delivers great value, easy to understand, inspiration for home decorating and improvements for every room in the house, in a contemporary and upbeat magazine. Refreshing editorial brings out the decorator in everyone, inspiring confidence and trust by showing how to make the most of their space.
Creative features on instant revamps and quick fixes sit alongside complete room makeovers and expert home improvement advice to arm readers with all they need to know to give their homes a fresh new look.
Your Home, every month, guides the reader step-by-step through a selection of quick and simple projects that not only look great but really work; from what it will cost to how long it will take and how you can do it. It also provides an invaluable source of information on what to look for when you buy and how to achieve designer looks within a realistic budget.

South East Water provides top quality drinking water to 2.1 million customers across the south east of England.
Every day the company supplies, on average, 565 million litres of drinking water to parts of Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. South East Water actively promotes water efficiency to protect water supplies for the future. Part of the Company's drive to reduce demand for water and encourage customers to use water wisely, has been to introduce a Customer Metering Programme. By 2020 more than 90 per cent of customers will have a water meter and pay only for the water they use. Water meters help focus customers' minds on water saving measures and the importance of fitting water efficient devices.
By supporting and promoting the Water Label, South East Water is helping its customers choose bathroom products which will reduce water use, save money and help protect our precious environment and resources.

Sutton and East Surrey Water supplies water to more than 670,000 people in East Surrey, and parts of West Sussex, West Kent and South London. Our supply area is 322 square miles (835 sq km) extending from Morden and South Croydon in the north to Gatwick Airport in the south and from Cobham, Leatherhead and Dorking in the west to Edenbridge and Bough Beech in the east. Groundwater supplies provide 85 per cent of our water, with 15 per cent being extracted from one reservoir at Bough Beech.

Southern Water is a water and wastewater treatment company based and operating within the South East of England. Each day we supply 550 million litres of drinking water from 94 water treatment works along 13,700 kilometres of water mains to our 2 million customers' taps, showers, baths and WCs. By 2015 our business will have moved 92 % of our domestic customers onto a water meter which will change the nature of how our customers think about and use water in the home. Our industry leading programme is being carried out as the South East, which is designated as an area of serious water stress, comes under increasing pressure through rising population, new housing and the effects of climate change. The Water Label offers a real opportunity to help customers make informed choices about the bathroom products they use, which will help reduce demand for water, save them money on their bills and protect the environment. Southern Water is delighted to have played a part in the development of the Water Label and is now at the forefront of its promotion.