No Longer The Bad Boy

23/08/2010 | For years the WC has been regarded as the bathroom's bad boy. Why? Because of its water-guzzling characteristics. But today the story is very different. The modern flush toilet is no longer regarded that way. In fact, bathroom products, in their entirety, have been developed beyond recognition with water saving features built in. These eco-qualities help developers build homes which meet the building regulations and help householders trim their utility bills. The very latest toilets flush with volumes as low as 2.6 litres. They are required, by law, to flush effectively and branded products from well known and established factories can be relied upon to do their job. Members of the BMA stand by their products and guarantee that they fully conform. Shower controls, handsets and taps have also come under scrutiny in recent times but the latest eco-friendly products are at the cutting edge of water efficiency. Ultra modern digital controls, click stop taps and aerated shower handsets ensure users enjoy a good satisfying drench while still doing their part to save water. "It's all about choice," commented Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of the BMA. "Our members produce a variety of products and each will have its own particular water usage characteristics. The developer and the consumer now have a greater choice than ever before." Choosing a water efficient new bathroom is helped by WEPLS – the Water Efficient Bathroom Labelling Scheme. Browsers at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk/ can compare products, create their shopping list and find their local stockist in the web database. The bathroom is no longer the bad boy and water efficiency is the key to its success.

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