The Water Label - Register your products online

17/10/2012 | The Water Label for taps, shower valves, shower heads and accessories is online! You can register your products for all EU countries, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Israel. The easy and straightforward procedure is described below. The CEIR Board in October 2012 approved officially the Water Label Scheme that representatives from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, working together over the last few months, have set up. Following the goal to consolidate the plethora of existing labels into one scheme, they adapted the successful UK Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme into an acceptable voluntary and robust European Scheme. Companies can now register their products online. The Water Label initially applies to taps, shower heads and accessories, but will be extended to similar / other water using products e.g. in the bathroom/kitchen environments. The Scheme is applicable across the EU and in countries where CEIR has membership, making logistics for manufacturers selling across borders easier. The Scheme is a self-certified tool that will aid in informing the consumer on water consumption and help with market transformation for bathroom products. The Water Label clearly shows the volume of water that the tap, shower head or accessory will consume per minute if installed correctly and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and offers an actual performance band per product. The Water Label sets out strict criteria that each registered product must apply, and manufacturers must declare compliance to national requirements where the product will be sold. A European database, with unique country search facility, will be supported by a plethora of consumer information aimed at raising awareness and will be found at http://www.europeanwaterlabel.eu. The Water Label Scheme provides easy access to a database of bathroom products, which when installed and used correctly, will use less water, save energy and save money. The procedure for Scheme membership application and submission of products is as follows:- • Go to www.europeanwaterlabel.eu • Click ‘enter’ icon. • Click ‘Industry & Professionals’. • Click ‘Scheme Forms’. • Click ‘Company Application for Registration’ form. • Complete and return. • Click ‘Declaration of Conformity’ form. • Complete and return. • Scheme Administrator to generate and issue out Company Scheme Registration Number. • Scheme Administrator to upload all Company details onto database. • Applicant to raise and send to Water Label Co. a Purchase Order Number. • Water Label Co. to generate and send out invoice for Scheme Registration payment. • Applicant is now able to submit products onto Scheme. • Click ‘Submit a Product to the Scheme’ • Enter ‘Company Scheme Registration Number’ in box. N.B. Must use capital letters and have no spaces between any of the letters or numbers. • Click ‘Sign In’. • Click on product type to be submitted. • Before completing and sending ‘Scheme Form’ decide whether ‘Master Product’, ‘Slave Product’ or ‘Brand Product’. • Go back to ‘Scheme Forms’ section and click on ‘Guidance for completion of applications’ sheet to aid decision in choice or seek advice from Scheme Administrator. • Complete and send ‘Scheme Form’. • Fill in all the necessary information, in particular ticking the boxes in ‘European Availability’ and detailing which countries products are available in. • Scheme Administrator issues out Water Label approval listing number. • All ‘Master Product’ applications have to be submitted first, as their Water Label approval listing numbers need to be used on all ‘Slave Product’ etc. submissions. • Applicant to raise and send to Water Label Co. a Purchase Order Number. • Water Label Co. to generate and send out invoice for product applications. • Scheme Administrator requests image for each listing, which needs to be file referenced by its listing number as a .jpg and be 200px wide x 200px high and no larger than 10 kilobytes. ADDENDUM On the ‘Scheme Forms’ section you will also find ‘The Complete Guide to the Scheme ‘and ’Guide to Testing’ booklets plus ‘Costing’ information sheet and ‘Notification of Modification’ and ‘Notification of Withdrawal’ forms.

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