The Water Label

08/08/2012 | Water efficient bathroom products stand out from the crowd with The Water Label. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to save our precious resources. When they are contemplating refurbishing their bathroom they want to install bathroom products which are super eco-efficient to try to reduce their ever-rising utility bills. They are ‘looking for the label.’ The Water Label is a web-enabled database of the very best eco-friendly bathroom products currently available in the UK. Only those which meet the strict eco-criteria laid down by industry experts are listed. The listed products have an easy to understand label. It’s similar to the energy label seen on fridges and washing machines and shows, at a glance, how much water the chosen product actually uses. These labels show the product’s water efficiency ‘rating’ and help consumers and professional alike to make an informed choice. Visitors to the website can search and then create a “shopping list” containing product information, water usage volumes and the manufacturer. The printable lists could help in the support of planning applications. The scheme recently won a major eco award www.europeanwaterlabel.eu

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