Going green

06/09/2012 | Going green I’m re-styling my bathroom and I want to go ‘green’ but I’m worried that a sustainable bathroom might look and feel a bit ‘Heath Robinson.’ What do you think? The first thing to say is congratulations! You have chosen to make your new bathroom sustainable and that’s a great decision since you will save on your future energy and water bills, and you will also contribute to saving the UK’s resources and that’s very commendable. The second thing to say is don’t worry! The last few years has seen major advances in bathroom product style and technology and all the latest products look good and perform as well as, if not better than, the traditional water guzzlers. All the major bathroom brands now have sustainability written into their designs. A major water saver will be your new loo. For best results look for an average flush of 3 litres. There are some great styles available and for your ensuite or guest room think about the newest loo and washbasin combos. Water from the basin is recycled to flush the loo. Showers and baths can also be major water savers. New shower spray technology reduces water consumption but improves the shower effect. And specially shaped baths still allow a long satisfying soak but don’t use so much water, and energy to heat it up. Go to a specialist showroom for help and advice – you can find a list of stockists here www.water-label.eu/stockists and look out for the new Water Label on products to compare water consumption.

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