New ways to choose a new bathroom

03/07/2012 | How does a prospective bathroom buyer, whether a trade professional or Mr. and Mrs. Public, choose the best sustainable bathroom? “They need the tools to do the job,” says Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. “They need unbiased and accurate facts to make an educated and informed choice. Our association members have worked hard to develop a scheme which gives that information and we are delighted that it has now been adopted in Europe. Furthermore, unlike the Energy Label or the new Tyre Label, which are mandatory, the Water Label is entirely voluntary, free from government interference and remarkably cost effective.” The Water Label has grown rapidly to become a benchmark scheme, copied in Europe and wider afield. Its web-enabled database holds the details of almost 2000 of the most sustainable bathroom products currently available. The scheme is increasingly recognised by consumers and professionals alike, and from the government’s point of view it is an important tool in their drive to meet the Green Agenda. Almost 1000 product stockists have registered their details with the scheme at www.water-label.eu/ so that consumers can quickly find the best bathroom showrooms in their locality. The product label itself clearly shows the volume of water that the product will consume when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In a recent statement Richard Benyon, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at DEFRA, praised and supported the scheme saying “people need access to clear advice on how they can save water so I am pleased to support the BMA in their work to develop a labelling scheme which provides an easy means to identify water efficient products.”

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