1 Europe = 1 Label

19/04/2012 | 1 Europe = 1 Label | One Water Label for taps, shower valves and shower heads moves a step closer. Trade Associations from a number of European countries representing the tap, shower valves and handsets industry, together with the major European manufacturers have completed the first phase in the development of a single Water Label for bathroom products across EU27. CEIR, the European Association for the Valve Industry, created the catalyst that brought together representatives from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and UK, who have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to adapt the very successfully UK Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme into an acceptable robust European Water Label Scheme, which will apply in all EU27 and bordering countries, making logistics for manufacturers who display the label on many products sold across borders easier. Following the goal of the European Commission to consolidate the plethora of existing labels into one scheme, CEIR and BMA forged a positive partnership which has led to the introduction of the Water Label. The Scheme is a self-certified tool that will aid in informing the consumer on water consumption and help with market transformation for bathroom products. The Water Label clearly shows the volume of water that the product will consume per minute if installed correctly and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and offers an actual performance band per product. The Water Label sets out strict criteria that each registered product must adhere to, with each supporting manufacturer declaring conformance to national requirements where the product will be sold. The European database, with unique country search facility, will be supported by a plethora of consumer information aimed at raising awareness and can be found at www.europeanwaterlabel.eu A new suite of graphics and point of sale material is currently being developed. The Water Label will be officially launched during the European Commission Green Week held in Brussels at the end of May. A roadmap for further enhancement and development of the Scheme will be introduced later this year and seek greater partnership across the European Bathroom Industry.

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