Water for Life

15/12/2011 | Water for Life The government’s Water White Paper, published in December 2011, launches a new approach to national water management. The report, ‘Water for Life’, offers long-term plans to ensure that the UK’s water supplies can meet the increasing demand. The proposed changes are designed to lead to a more robust UK water industry, promoting innovation and growth in the economy while protecting the environment. “Will it work?” asks Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. “We welcome this long awaited report. Its goes into depth about the UK’s water supply, but if the important proposals are to succeed then the bathroom industry must do its bit, working together, to embrace the changes.” The industry has long been an advocate of the push for water efficiency and the BMA’s Water Label, used in the award winning Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme, highlights how the germ of an idea just 5 years ago has grown to be a benchmark for proposed schemes throughout Europe. www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk “We need to easily show our consumers those products which are the most water efficient, The Water Label does just that. Over 1500 products are now listed and bathroom buyers can select those products which will save the utility bills and save water. Over 1100 showrooms and stockists are also listed. It’s a voluntary scheme and showrooms can register, for free.” The White Paper pushes for changes in infrastructure, education and culture. The bathroom industry is doing its bit.

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