The Thrifty Toilet

13/11/2011 | Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of the BMA, looks at the latest loos which are designed to save water and reduce bills. Hottest April since 1910 Rainfall 53% of normal. Drought hits many parts. Last year’s dramatic headlines got us all thinking again about saving water and if you’re on a water meter it makes sense to try to reduce your household bill. So if you’re going to do up your bathroom this Spring consider installing one of the new water-efficient suites. There is a wonderful choice. The humble loo has gone through major design changes in recent years. To the man in the street there would appear to be no difference – outwardly it looks like it’s always looked. But the latest suites are totally different from their ancestors. Designers have come up with gorgeous new and innovative suites, with streamlined water flow, ensuring every drop of the flush water is used. And because of that, the 9 litre water guzzlers of the 1960s have been transformed into new frugal 3 litre flushers of today. Water efficiency means not only saving water but also saving the carbon required in delivering and using it. We consume energy in purifying, transporting, and delivering water. We then consume more energy to take away the waste and purify it once more. Reducing our water consumption is good for your family and good for your planet. Tips Doing up your bathroom and looking for a new loo? Try searching on the ‘Water Label’ website database to find the most efficient available. www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk You can easily save water round the house. Don't waste water while you wait to get into the shower. And reuse bath water for your garden plants. A modern dual-flush push-button loo will save you water – use the push buttons according to the manufacturers instructions and watch your bills come down.

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