The ‘must have’ tool for eco-aware bathroom designers

08/08/2011 | The ‘must have’ tool for eco-aware bathroom designers The new on-line Water Calculator, developed by the BMA and Waterwise East is fast becoming the ‘must have’ in the bathroom designer’s tool box. Created to aid industry professionals the Water Calculator is a web-based tool which automatically calculates the water-consumption in new houses. The calculator makes it easier for the designer to calculate how much water is theoretically consumed, based on the bathroom and kitchen products which they have chosen. Around 200 professionals regularly access the Water Calculator website. When they start a calculation users have a choice. They may register to save all their work to the secure, personal online files or they may print off their results as they go along. The calculation simply involves selecting products from the drop-down menus linked to the huge WEPLS database of water efficient products, expected to reach the 2000+ mark by the end of the year. Around 1100 bathroom retailers have registered their company for free with WEPLS so that users can easily search for their nearest stockist The water calculator is intuitive but like all software it needs to be tried out a few times before the user becomes accustomed to its powerful features. A downloadable PDF–based guide assists new users. The Water Calculator can be found at www.thewatercalculator.org.uk/ WEPLS can be found at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk/

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