Bathroom Conference embraces sustainability

05/09/2011 | Bathroom Conference embraces sustainability The concept of sustainability, which was once just an aspiration for the eco-aware, is now fully embedded in all aspects of the construction industry. The realisation that there is a need to create water and energy efficient homes has grown, in just a decade, to become the most talked about topic and to reflect this The Annual Bathroom Conference on 9 November 2011 fully embraces sustainability as its theme. The Conference, at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire, is open to anyone in the bathroom and construction industry. The full day of presentations, the exhibition and the networking opportunities will be fronted by award-winning science writer and broadcaster Sue Nelson. Described as ‘one of Radio 4’s best science presenters’ by The Sunday Times, Sue will bring her wealth of experience and knowledge of sustainability to the event as both presenter and facilitator. Seven other expert speakers will accompany Sue at the state of the art venue to discuss the role of the bathroom industry in creating a sustainable future for our children whilst at the same time generating profit for those engaged in it. “Some in our industry have been wondering how we could possibly improve on last year’s amazing conference,” commented Yvonne Orgill, CEO of the BMA “but we have done it and in some respects this could be our most important conference yet. Whether we like it or not, our planet’s resources are limited and we have to find a way of living within our means. But at the same time our industry must prosper and if it is to survive we have to profit from the green agenda. Fundamentally that’s what it’s all about.”

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