The BMA’s tools keep abreast of the changes

05/01/2011 | The BMA’s tools keep abreast of the changes The pace of change in the bathroom industry is accelerating and it is becoming increasingly difficult for all those in the supply chain to keep pace with new products entering the market place. “Change is good,” comments Yvonne Orgill, CEO of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. “Manufacturers are keen to introduce exciting new and water efficient bathroom products. It maintains interest in the industry and it promotes new business. It is also important in the race for sustainable low carbon products. But keeping abreast of what is going on can be daunting, particularly for retailers and installers.” The BMA is keen is ensure that the industry is well equipped with all the ‘tools’ and the knowledge necessary to do its job as well as possible. The BMA’s Bathroom Academy, Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme (WEPLS) and regular communications are all designed to impart the very latest information about industry trends and water efficient products. The Bathroom Academy (www.bathroom-academy.co.uk/) is currently undergoing a major upgrade with the launch of a host of new education modules in the Spring. Important new information and new qualifications are due to be introduced. The rapidly expanding WEPLS (www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk/) is a unique source of information about the most water and energy efficient bathroom products currently available. The online database of products doubled in 2010 and is set to expand further in the current year. “Bathroom manufacturers are introducing innovative products faster than ever before,” says Orgill, “and I am pleased to say that the BMA is an excellent position to support its membership through its communication and educational packages.”

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