Time to splash out on your smallest room

15/02/2011 | Time to splash out on your smallest room With the better weather approaching perhaps now is the time to splash out and start that long-promised refurbishment of your smallest, but arguably the most important room, in your home. A gorgeous new bathroom, fitted with the very latest energy and water saving products, will not only enhance the value of your home, it will also help save you money. Your bathroom is your very personal retreat, your personal space away from the outside world. A place to escape from today’s challenges. A bathroom makeover is definitely on the cards. You might like to go the whole hog, completely gut your bathroom and start again with all-new plumbing, fixtures and fittings or you might prefer to make more cosmetic changes. It depends on your budget and the effort you want to put into it. Either way you should consider installing water efficient products. The latest toilets use a third of the water they did 20 years ago. The latest showers and baths are also water efficient and water efficiency means energy efficiency - you don’t need to heat up so much of it. To help you choose your eco-friendly bathroom browse the WEPLS (Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme) database at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk/. Also look for the new label in the showrooms. To finish off your plans try to be a little creative with the layout. The BMA’s ‘Rate Your Bathroom’ fact sheet which is free to download will help here. It asks a host of questions so you have a realistic idea of what is needed. It will help you fit in a few (extra) well-earned luxuries.

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