Water Efficient Bathrooms? Look for the label!

06/03/2011 | Water Efficient Bathrooms? Look for the label! There’s a new mantra in the world of bathrooms and it is growing in popularity. Anyone who is about to install a new bathroom and wants to save money on their utility bills (or even better, wants to help save the planet) would be well advised to remember the mantra and “look for the label.” The label we are talking about is the Water Efficient Product Label – WEPLS for short - which is beginning to appear on all the very best in water efficient bathroom products. WEPLS took off in 2010 and now incorporates almost 1500 bathroom products listed in a web-enabled database. The award winning and voluntary scheme has been praised by Government, the water companies and The Energy Saving Trust and was devised by industry experts. Bathroom products which meet strict water efficiency rules are listed in the database and are entitled to display the WEPLS label which is similar to the energy saving label found on white goods, fridges and washing machines etc. The database also lists around 1100 stockists. So if you’re looking for a new bathroom check out the website at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk, search for your favourite new bathroom and search for your local stockist.

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