What is the Bathroom Manufacturers Association?

13/04/2011 | What is The Bathroom Manufacturers Association? The BMA is the UK’s Voice of the Bathroom Industry. It’s an association for manufacturers of bathroom products and provides a forum to discuss matters of mutual interest. It acts as an information highway between the industry and its consumers, installers, government and the media. The BMA represents the interests of 41 major bathroom manufacturing groups with over 75 well-known brands. The BMA’s website is packed with information, interesting articles and recently revised downloadable fact sheets. The advice sections list frequently asked questions and give tips on what to ask for in the showroom when choosing a new suite. Downloadable guides help create a dream bathroom. The Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme is an online database of around 1500 of the latest water and energy saving bathroom products. Consumers can use the database and the new Water Calculator to select the best water efficient products for their home. www.bathroom-association.org

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