What is The Bathroom Manufacturers Association?

12/11/2010 | The BMA is the leading trade association for manufacturers of bathroom products in the UK. It is the principal "Voice of the Bathroom Industry" and acts as an information highway between the industry and its consumers, installers, government and the media on all issues that affect the bathroom business. The BMA represents the interests of almost 40 major bathroom manufacturing groups with over 75 well known brands in the market place. The manufacturing base directly employs over 9,500 people at over 60 sites around the UK with retail sales in excess of 4 billion pounds sterling per annum. The BMA's website at www.bathroom-association.org is packed with information, interesting articles and downloadable facts-sheets which are specifically designed to help the consumer and bathroom-buyer. The special advice sections list frequently asked questions and give advice about what to ask for when choosing a new suite. (143 words) ________________________________________ The rise and rise of the Wet Room Wet rooms have seen rapid growth in popularity in the UK. They are now having a major impact on bathroom layout and design. The concept of the domestic wet room is relatively recent but the idea is now fully developed. A number of manufacturers have designed "tanking systems", which fully seal the bathroom against water leaks. A wet room, therefore, is a fully water tight bathroom with no separate shower tray. Wet rooms are at the leading edge of stylish bathroom design and are all about "making life easy" for everyone. They are particularly useful where level entry to the shower area is essential - for instance, for use by someone in a wheel chair. They give a feeling of spaciousness and minimalism and make the best use of the available space. Without any steps there are fewer chances of slips and trips, cleaning is so much easier and hygiene levels are excellent. Careful planning is a key element in any new wet room installation. The positioning of all water and power services should be considered before the tanking process commences since the sealed area should not be punctured or pierced after installation. The installation process can be quite detailed and allowance for the room to be completely out of use for several days should be made. (217 words) The wet room pages form part of the BMA's website advice section at www.bathroom-association.org/advice_wet_rooms.asp. ________________________________________ Three top tips on saving water 1. Consumers wishing to save on their utility bills should consider replacing their old water-guzzling toilet with one of the new super-efficient low volume flush WCs now available. 2. Special water saving shower heads are now available which introduce air bubbles into the water flow. The shower gives a great drench as the bubbles explode on impact. 3. New technically advanced "eco-taps" have built-in water and temperature controls which save water and energy and help reduce your carbon footprint. ________________________________________

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