Water Efficiency is A Driver For Cost Reduction In Hotels

12/11/2010 | Recent announcements of impending energy price hikes make the BMA's speech at the forthcoming Sleep Event more relevant than ever. Chris Taylor-Hamlin, Technical Director of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, will be speaking at a Sleep Event Seminar about Water efficiency in the Commercial Environment. During the presentation he will develop the argument that water efficiency and energy efficiency are inextricably linked. He will show how the BMA's "water efficient product labelling scheme" (WEPLS) is helping all businesses, and hotels in particular, reduce their water and energy consumption and hence utility costs. He will show how business managers can use the WEPLS on-line database to choose the most efficient bathroom products currently available. "WEPLS has grown rapidly from a germ of an idea to a benchmark scheme which is now being copied in Europe and wider afield," says Taylor-Hamlin. "Our database holds the details of around 1000 water efficient bathroom products which, by default, have the lowest carbon footprint. The scheme is recognised by several government departments and is a major aid for them in their drive to meet the Green Agenda." Hotels are always looking for efficiencies and cost reduction. WEPLS is an increasingly important tool for proprietors and managers aiming to reduce their hot water consumption. Chris Taylor-Hamlin will be speaking on Day 2 of the Sleep Event, 25 November, at 10am in the seminar theatre. Further Information For further information please email info@bathroom-association.org.uk or NEW telephone 01782 631619 and visit www.bathroom-association.org

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