A 'Wet Room' Solution For A Small Bathroom

27/09/2010 | Bathrooms | Yvonne Orgill, ceo of the BMA, says ... ________________________________________ Q My elderly clients live in a small terraced house and are becoming increasingly infirm. I need to create a practical yet stylish bathroom for them which will fit their needs in the years to come. Any suggestions? ________________________________________ A This situation is becoming increasingly common. The standard of living in the UK is improving and our parents are living longer. Bathroom manufacturers are responding by designing innovative products which suit the needs of the elderly and infirm. In this case I would suggest that the bathroom is converted to a complete 'wet room'. Modern tanking systems are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The room will instantly become easy access and if an extra-wide outward opening door is installed it will be just right if your clients become wheel chair users. The existing bath should be completely removed and replaced with a modern thermostatic digital shower which can be operated from a remote control. These are simple to install and safe to use and as an additional bonus are water and energy efficient. Because it's now a wet room there is no requirement for a shower enclosure. The WC should be mounted on a rise and fall mechanism which can allow height adjustment to suit the particular user. Some WCs now have a built in wash spray and this should also be considered. The WC's cistern should be 'concealed' and the flushing mechanism should be dual flush, push button. This will be easy to operate and water efficient. There is more choice than ever before for a designer wishing to specify bathroom products for the less able. A number of manufacturers of these products are members of the BMA and their details can be found at www.bathroom-association.org/

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