BMA's Award-Winning Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme

27/09/2010 | How can architects, developers and consumers find out the water efficiency credentials of a new bathroom suite? "That's easy, and it's where the BMA's Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme comes into its own," says Yvonne Orgill, CEO of the BMA. "Good, clear, reliable product labelling is the cornerstone to water efficiency. There is a growing momentum behind it and merchants, retailers and big DIY stores are seeing the value in providing the consumer with sufficient detail to make an informed and intelligent choice." WEPLS, is entirely web-based, lists 1000 of the best eco-friendly bathrooms currently available in the UK and provides a searchable database of stockists. Fact sheets and an on-line water calculator to enhance the scheme's usability. The key to the scheme is the label which shows the volume of water that each product consumes. "WEPLS is recognised by DEFRA, CLG, and the Environment Agency," says Orgill. "It is also highly regarded by The Energy Saving Trust, Water Wise and CC WATER." The database can be browsed at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk/

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