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27/09/2010 | Q "I bought a new WC and I want to save water as much water as I can to help the environment and save on my water bill but there is no room in the cistern for a brick! What do you suggest?" A It is wrong to assume that putting a brick or other 'cistern displacement device' in your WC's cistern will always save water. It is a little more complicated than that! If you bought your WC after 2001, and you say it is new, it will already be water efficient with a maximum flush of 6 litres. The current Water Regulations (known as the Water Byelaws in Scotland) require all new WCs to flush with 6 litres as a maximum. Your suite (the WC pan and the cistern) will be factory matched and perfectly designed to work well together at this maximum. If your WC is a dual flush design then it will probably allow you to choose a short flush or 4 litres and a long flush of 6 litres. Some WCs launched in the last couple of years flush on even less than the maximum allowed. So you should not attempt to save more water by placing a brick or other device in the cistern tank since this will interfere with the correct functioning of the suite, it may not clear correctly and you may end up using even more water by multiple flushing. Further Information For further information please email info@bathroom-association.org.uk or telephone 01782 747123 and visit www.bathroom-association.org/

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