update following the latest JRC meeting - 26th April 2018

27/04/2018 | A collective gathering of key Industry experts, NGO’s, proactive and leading bodies, from UK, Portugal, Denmark, representatives of DG Environment and JRC, (Joint Research Centre of the Commission), together with representatives from Europe’s leading Trade Body the European Bathroom Forum, met on the 26 April 2018 at JRC Offices in Seville to investigate if a suitable testing method exists in the market place, that provides credible and acceptable function test methodology for taps and showers. An intensive discussion took place, supported by presentations from Swedish Energy, European Bathroom Forum Technical Committee, Best of All initiative and JRC. JRC explained that the day’s ‘workshop’ is a further step in enabling the Commission in reaching a conclusion under the Preparatory Study for Taps and Showers, which is to be issued late Summer with a Stakeholder forum to be held late 2018 or early 2019. An overview on existing labelling schemes in Europe and existing requirements for functionality and performance criteria took place. It was recognised that efficiency measures must also meet the consumers expectation to receive a good experience from their water using bathroom products. Healthy and constructive discussion enabled JRC and DG Environment to recognise that one test does not currently exist in the market place. Representatives in attendance from EBF, Swedish Energy and Swiss Energy agreed to collectively work together to identify the parameters of an acceptable test using existing European Standards as the base. This work will commence immediately as it could take several years to define. DG Environment advised that the legal platform for either a mandatory scheme or agreed Voluntary Agreement will fall under Energy Labelling or Ecodesign, this will not be agreed until the Preparatory Study report is issued. The European Bathroom Forum Chair, Carlos Velazquez, stated “Industry participation in these workshops is vital, if we are to achieve a workable solution, that can be agreed by major Stakeholders in developing a Label Scheme and criteria which consumers can understand and helps all to use water and energy wisely in the bathroom environment. For further information please contact: • chairman@europeanbathroomforum.eu • orgill@europeanbathroomforum.eu • info@europeanbathroomforum.eu

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