After the referendum, an absolute certainty

07/07/2016 | No matter what is the outcome of the EU referendum there is one thing, in our daily lives, which is an absolute certainty. It’s that the continuity of our natural resources is one of the most important issues facing our future generations. One resource, water, is of particular concern. The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. If you live in the South East of England it is even more so, since this part of the country is the most water stressed. Although the sky regularly dumps its water on us, all the experts suggest that this, our most essential of resources, needs to be better cared for. Those in the know are worried that our consumption levels are too high and our political leaders are looking for ways to encourage us to change our behaviour towards water. Some time ago, the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, working together with its European Partners, recognised the need to show how much water individual bathroom products consume when fitted and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After years of development The European Water Label was created. The Label has grown rapidly and is now in use in 34 countries across Europe and beyond. Over 100 major bathroom and kitchen brands have signed up to use the label in their literature, advertising, website and of course on the products themselves. Around 12,500 products have been listed in the on-line searchable database. The database is updated regularly and around 9,500 products are currently live. Now consumers can see, quickly and easily, how much water (and for some appliances how much energy) their chosen products will use. Consumers can use the label and the accompanying information on the website at http://www.europeanwaterlabel.eu/ to choose specific products to suit their lifestyles and budgets. They can also use the data to help them reduce their utility bills. The European Water Label is becoming a catalyst for Behaviour Change.

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