The European Water Label - The new tool to win orders

18/01/2016 | Installers are no different from any other industry professional. They are always on the lookout for work and always trying to find ways to gain competitive advantage. Winning orders is key and any new sales tool is welcomed. A surprising newcomer to their toolbox is the European Water Label. Actually, it’s been around for a few years but it’s only relatively recently that industry professionals, including installers, designers, architects and retailers, have recognised how easy it is to use and that the Scheme gives them a mass of information which can, and does, win orders. Most professionals know that there has been an accelerating trend, in the bathroom sector, for products which are sustainable. The trend has been brought about both by legislation and by a change in attitudes. It actually makes sense to be more efficient, to save water and energy, and to save money. And professionals and consumers alike are asking about the credentials of bathroom products before the buy. The European Water Labelling Scheme was originally created by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association to answer that insatiable demand for information. The scheme has grown rapidly. It now stretches to 38 countries and quickly provides water and energy usage characteristics, in its online database, for over 11,000 products in 14 categories for 98 premium bathroom brands. It’s big and its real beauty lies in that it is entirely voluntary, is cost efficient, and maintains integrity through regular, random product testing to check that the information provided is up to date and accurate. Installers are finding that the European Water Label makes their business life so much easier and can be a real deal clincher. It can swing a potential customer away from a competitor. And that’s because those who regularly use the easy-to-find information found in the database, can persuade the customer of the potential benefits of the products being quoted for. It enhances the knowledge base of the installer and enhances their customer’s perception of them. It’s a classic win-win situation.

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