The sustainability upsell

12/04/2016 | It’s becoming more important than ever for retailers to create their own space in the bathroom market, to differentiate their products and services, and to up-sell with added value. And it is quite true that only the most agile retailers, quick at changing their offer to meet latest demands, will survive. “There is one area of the bathroom where we know that retailers are missing a trick. It is in the upsell to sustainable, energy and water efficient products,” comments Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association. “There is increasing discussion about water efficient products at government and EU level and the pressure is on to reduce our demand on natural resources. Manufacturers have jumped through hoops in the last few years to create bathrooms which both look good, perform well and, more importantly, save on utility bills. But the average family looking to refurbish their bathroom has to work hard to find what is available and what savings they can make. Retailers, therefore, have a major part to play in educating the public of the latest trends, upselling to sustainable products, and at the same time improving their margins.” Bathroom manufacturers, members of the BMA, created the European Water Label specifically to highlight the vast choice of bathroom products available and to show their water using characteristics. The 11,500 plus bathroom fittings from over 100 well respected bathroom brands are now listed on the labelling scheme and can be found in the web-based searchable files. Additionally over 1000 stockists, showrooms and retailers have registered their details with the scheme, for free, at www.water-efficiencylabel.org.uk Whether we like it or not the drive towards water and energy efficiency is here to stay. Consumer attitudes are gradually changing. Latest research by the Water Utilities shows that water saving is ratcheting upwards in the consumer’s mind set. The savvy retailer will seize the opportunity to upsell their offering, push the latest sustainable products and profit from the sustainability agenda with the European Water Label as their guide.

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