Sustainable future with the European Water Label

01/05/2015 | The European Water Label has grown rapidly since its launch just a decade ago and, like the pace of life itself, its growth is accelerating. Ten years ago the United Nations launched its International Decade for Action which aimed to put water and sanitation at the top of the world’s agenda. It challenged world leaders to ensure everyone was aware of the urgency of the situation. During that decade the voluntary European Water Labelling Scheme played a major part in educating the public about the water-using characteristics of bathroom and kitchen products. Since 2005 the bathroom and kitchen market has developed, evolved and progressed. So too has the label. The Directors and Partners of the scheme are not ones to ‘rest on their laurels’ and have been keen to ensure that the label reflects the market it serves. They are always striving to build upon its success and develop it further so that it becomes the ‘go-to’ database for water (and now energy) consumption information. Now, as the UN’s International Decade for Action comes to its close, the labelling scheme is taking a further step forward with major industry initiative. Sustainability is a focus for many consumers as such the Label has been upgraded to include more information to help the consumer make the most efficient product choice. Those bathroom and kitchen products which consume hot water (for instance taps and shower controls) will have additional information included to display their technical features. The online database has being enhanced with additional data and the product labels have been improved to include additional all-new descriptive icons. These show information on: 1. Flow regulator 2. Water break 3. Thermostatic 4. Temperature control 5. Cold start position 6. Time flow 7. Sensor 8. Pull out spray This is a major step in helping consumers improve the efficiency of their homes and establishes the scheme as a valuable benefit for generations to come.

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