Know the product – Use the Label

10/09/2014 | Key to the recent success and rapid growth of the European Water Label, which is now in operation in 32 nations, has been its unshakable commitment to informing the public of the advantages of choosing bathroom and kitchen products listed in its online database. www.europeanwaterlabel.eu The European Water Label, developed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, is now operated as a separate limited company, registered in the UK. It gives both the consumer and the industry professional alike, all the necessary water usage characteristics of almost 7500 products. Simply put, the water consumption for each product can be seen at a glance and the information provided can be used to aid the choice of bathroom and kitchen components. In recognition of its development, The Water Label Company Ltd won a major award in the Environment Agency and Waterwise Water Efficiency Awards 2014. The Label won because it has grown into a huge project of major importance not only in the UK but also across Europe. It is the recognised by European Commission and supported by the UK government, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and the media. To maintain standards, and prevent fraud, products listed on the scheme are regularly tested by an independent and internationally recognised laboratory. The Label is increasingly used by bathroom and kitchen retailers who have acknowledged its power as a sales and marketing tool. Savvy consumers who want to save money by reducing their energy and water consumption are now asking for Labelled products, and savvy retailers are giving them the advice and choice which the Label provides. Retailers are displaying the Water Label in their showrooms and have also taken advantage of free listing, as stockists, available in the database. The entirely voluntary European Water Label is an undeniable success which is low cost, maintains consumer choice, and does exactly what it is designed to do – inform and educate. But, if we are to avoid EU legislation which would impose mandatory labelling and mandatory restrictions on water consumption the scheme will need more support from the whole of the industry, from independent retailers right through to the multinationals. The last thing we want is a debacle similar to that for vacuum cleaners or light bulbs!

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