Global Water Security - BMA Welcomes New Report

23/08/2010 | Water is one of the most undervalued natural commodities in the world, directly affecting national security through its impact on economic growth, energy security, food supply and healthcare. A major new report, just published by an alliance including the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, says that the UK must take a lead in tackling its water footprint and managing its water resources sustainably. The Bathroom Manufacturers Association has welcomed the report since it looks into areas which have been priorities for the BMA for many years: Water Efficient Bathroom Products, The Labelling Scheme, Carbon Savings and Education. The study group gathered evidence from engineers, academics, economists, service providers and government officials. Amongst the report's conclusions it recommends that "water security should become a core component of UK policy making" and "industry must show leadership in reducing its water footprint". It talks about the need for more "investment in research" and involvement of "the public in general to support informed decision making in connection with water use". "This is an excellent report" commented Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of the BMA. "It clearly shows that water needs to be more valued in our culture and that we must all do more to use it wisely." She went on to say "our members have been ahead of the curve for a number of years. Members of the BMA have been very active designing and marketing a complete range of water efficient bathroom products and quite clearly the Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme (WEPLS) is well placed to provide the public with the information it requires to make those important decisions when choosing a new bathroom. Good, clear and reliable product labelling is the cornerstone to water efficiency. There is a growing momentum behind it and merchants, retailers and big DIY stores are seeing the value in providing the consumer with sufficient detail to make an informed and intelligent choice." WEPLS and its products WEPLS is a web-enabled database of the all the very best water efficient bathroom products currently available in the UK market. Almost 1000 products are now within the scheme and once listed are entitled to use the special Water Efficiency Label which has been designed to be intuitive and easily recognisable. Products can be found in the searchable lists which are divided into categories. Fact sheets, lists of stockists, and an on-line water calculator enhance the scheme's usability.

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