Doing nothing is not an option

03/11/2013 | Whether you’re a cynic or a supporter, whether you like it or not, labelling for water-using products is here to stay. And that’s a fact so you’d better get used to it. Latest estimates suggest that Europe is heading towards a drought and that it will run dry in 2050. By then there simply won’t be enough drinkingwater to support us all. The population is growing fast and so too is our love of water-consuming devices.It’s a no-win situation,so doing nothing is not an optionand our leaders in the EU have pledged to act and they want to change our behaviour towards water and our tendency to waste it. There is no doubt about it - water is firmly on the EU agenda. Water labelling (just like energy labelling) describes how much a particular product will consume if used correctly. Currently, the Water Label, devised and developed by the BMA, is the leading system throughout Europe. The beauty of the Water Label is that it is a voluntary scheme, free of government interference. And because of that s simple and cost effective.Manufacturers, merchants and retailers contribute to the scheme and its costs are low. By the end of this year it will have seen massive growth and more than 8000 individual products will be listed in its on-line database. The alternative, favoured by some in the EU Commission, is a mandatory scheme called ECODESIGN which is backed by legislation and run by the civil service. The scheme would be managed by people who don’t understand the bathroom industry and gross errors, similar to the electric light bulb fiasco, will be made. Costs would rocket for manufacturers, resellers and consumers alike and the system would be gagged with red tape. Because it would be a ‘one size fits all’ scheme,it would level all in the EU to a starting point whichignores the diversity of both regional cultures and plumbing systems. So we have a simple choice. 1) Support the Water Label and become a Scheme Partner, or 2) ignore it and let the bureaucrats move in and set costs rocketing. An Invitation Scheme Partners are invited from all sectors of the water and bathroom industry to actively participate in new and cohesive marketing to promote the Water Label. The scheme is growing fast and major builders, retailers and manufacturers have publicly announced their support their support. The ultimate aim is to develop the European Water Label which is easily understood by all, offers choice to the consumer and by being voluntary is self-governed and cost effective. Doing nothing is not an option. You are invited to join the Water Label as a ‘scheme partner’ E-mail: info@water-label.eu More information: www.europeanwaterlabel.eu Phone: +44 (0)1782 631619 SOME MORE DETAIL WATER LABEL • Voluntary • Labelling scheme and online data base showing water consumption characteristics of bathroom and kitchen products. • Devised and developed by the BMA. • Leading scheme in Europe • Accepted across the EU28 • Recognises different plumbing systems and effective in all territories • Supported by UK government. • Supported by major builders merchants and retailers • Cost effective • Easily recognised and understood ECO LABEL • Voluntary • Similar to the Water Label • Not accepted across the EU28 • Identifies productsthat have a reduced environmental impact • Includes entire product life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. ECODESIGN • Mandatory • Scheme proposed by EU Commission • Ecodesign Directive provides an integrated framework which allows design requirements backed by legislation • Blanket legislation sets limits regardless of individual cultures • Dumbed down starting point for water using products • Eliminates, by law, less efficient bathroom products • Reduces consumer choice • Operated by civil servants • Expensive • Bound in red tape Look for the Label www.europeanwaterlabel.eu/ ________________________________________ The multi award winning BMA, based at Keele’s Innovation Centre, is the trade association for bathroom manufacturers operating in the UK. It is the principal ‘Voice of the Bathroom Industry’ and acts as a hub for the industry, government, the EU and the consumer on issues that affect the bathroom business. The BMA represents, through its technical, marketing and management committees, the interests of over 60 major bathroom manufacturing groups and service providers with over 100 well-known brands in the market place. The manufacturing base directly employs well over 10,000 people across 80+ sites around the UK.

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