Are small independents and bathroom retailers missing out?

18/07/2013 | The news that major bathroom merchants and retailers, the Plumb Centers and B&Qs amongst many others, are now throwing their weight behind the award winning Water Label has highlighted that the small independents and retailers may now be being put at a competitive disadvantage. Yvonne Orgill CEO of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association explains. The Water Label, which shows the actual and audited water consumption of bathroom products, is similar in design to the familiar Energy Label. It is a quick, simple and effective way of showing how bathroom products perform. It has grown rapidly over the last few years and is now available across Europe. It is highly regarded by Government and the EU Commission and is being promoted heavily in the trade and consumer press, on radio and on television. Consumers are now latching on to the fact that since hot water in the home costs a huge 25% of their energy bill it follows that saving water saves money. The Water Label is designed to give consumersinformed choice. It goes straight to heart of the matter and shows a product’s water flow and volume.Knowledge is power for both consumers and for showrooms and major merchants and retailershave agreed to have ALL of their branded or own brand products fully labelled online, on literature and on shelves within 12 months. They see that there is real value in the scheme and ‘first movers’ are hoping to gain competitive advantage and improve their bottom line. This is great news but it does mean that the smaller independent merchants and bathroom retailers could be missing out if they don’t join the inescapable band wagon. Recent news that utility bills are set to rise sharply yet again will force consumers to think again about their consumption and the Water Label will help make the informed choice. The Water Label is voluntary and the scheme has gone a long way in persuading government not to introduce mandatory legislation which will cost us all dearly. Perhaps now is the time to think again and consider using the Water Label in your showroom, there is nothing to lose.

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