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Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
VitrA Built In Stop Valve A41403EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A41415EXP E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A41415IND E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A41415TPL E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A41415TPL1 E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A41417EXP E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4141923EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4141992EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4141999EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41419EKM E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41419EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41419IND E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4141105EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4141123EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4141126EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A41411EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A41412MEL E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A41413MEL E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A41432EXP E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A4143123EXP E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A41431EXP E 36.0 LPM
VitrA Nest Trendy A41433EXP E 26.0 LPM

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