Efficiency Rating

Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
Roca Access A342237000+341231000 B 3.75 L
Roca Access A342238000+A341232000 D 6.00 L
Roca Access A342239000+A341230000 B 3.75 L
Roca Access A344PB7000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Access A344PB8000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Alena A248467000 E 315 L
Roca Atis A5A3183C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3090C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3190C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3290C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3390C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3790C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3990C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Atlas A5A3D90C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Avant A5A3179C00 A 3.0 LPM
Roca Avant A5A3279C00 A 4.0 LPM
Roca Avant A5A4279C00 A 3.0 LPM
Roca Avant A5A7879C00 A 3.0 LPM
Roca Avant A5A7979C00 A 3.0 LPM
Roca Beyond A248453000 E 290 L
Roca Beyond A248465000 E 217 L
Roca Beyond A3420B9..0+A3410B1..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Beyond A3460B7..0+A890080..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Brava-N A5A0130C00 E 14.9 LPM
Roca Brava-N A5A3130C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Brava-N A5A4230C00 E 21.1 LPM
Roca Brava-N A5A4330C00 E 21.1 LPM
Roca Carmen A234250000 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A234250002 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A234250003 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A234250004 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A234250007 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A234250008 C 175 L
Roca Carmen A3420A7..0+A3410A1..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Carmen A5A014B..0 C 9.8 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A094B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A204B..0 C 10.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A274B..0 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A304B..0 A 4.9 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A314B..0 A 4.9 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A384B..0 A 4.5 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A3A4B..0 A 4.2 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A3B4B..0 A 4.2 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A444B..0 A 4.8 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A474B..0 A 4.6 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A844B..0 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A974B..0 C 9.4 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A974B..0 E 15.3 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A9A4B..0 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A9A4B..0 C 9.2 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A9B4B..0 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Carmen A5A9B4B..0 C 9.2 LPM
Roca Carmen A5B114B..0 E 16.0 LPM
Roca Colina A3418CP000+A3419C000 A 3.38 L
Roca Contesa A221572000 A 131 L
Roca Contesa A2215K3000 A 131 L
Roca Contesa A2358J0000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa A2358K0000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa A2359J0000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa A2359K0000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa A2360J0000 A 153 L
Roca Contesa A2360K0000 A 153 L
Roca Contesa A2370J3000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa A2370K3000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa A2371J3000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa A2371K3000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa A2372J3000 A 154 L
Roca Contesa A2372K3000 A 153 L
Roca Contesa Body Plus A237955000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237353000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237360000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237363000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237365000 B 168 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237753000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237765000 C 183 L
Roca Contesa Plus A237775000 C 183 L
Roca Dama A342788000+A341787000 A 3.38 L
Roca Dama Retro A342321001+A34132F000 B 3.75 L
Roca Dama-N A342787000+A34178C000 A 3.38 L
Roca Dama-N A34278W000+A34178C000 A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A342997000+A34199C00U A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A34299700U+A34199C00U A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A342998000+A341991000 A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A34299B000+A341991000 A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A34299F000+A341991000 A 3.38 L
Roca Debba A344996000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Debba A344997000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Debba A346997000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Debba A34699L000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Debba A347996000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Easy A248180000 A 147 L
Roca Element A342577000+A341570000 B 3.75 L
Roca Element A347577000+A341570000 B 3.75 L
Roca Element A5A2962C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca Eos A5A3182C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Escuadra A5A3020C00 A 3.8 LPM
Roca Escuadra A5A3420C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca Escuadra A5A4420C00 A 3.8 LPM
Roca Escuadra A5A4A20C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Esmai A5A3031C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Esmai A5A3431C00 D 11.5 LPM
Roca Essential A2H0423000 E 14.2 LPM
Roca Eternal A5A978B..0 E 20.0 LPM
Roca Eternal A5A978B..0 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Eternal A5A978B..0 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Etna A5A7B09..0 B 7.0 LPM
Roca Even M A5A9C90..0 C 8.5 LPM
Roca Even M A5A9C90..0 D 10.5 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A2080C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A2080C00 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A9780C00 E 14.1 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A9780C00 C 9.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A3A24..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A3B24..0 A 2.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A4A24..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A4B24..0 A 2.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A7A24..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Fluent A5A9B24..0 U
Roca Fluent A5A9C24..0 U
Roca Fluent A5A9D24..0 U
Roca Frontalis A342587000+A341580000 B 3.75 L
Roca Gap Round A3460NL..0+A890080..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Giralda A342463000+341468000 B 3.75 L
Roca Giralda A342466000+A341468000 B 3.75 L
Roca Giralda Eco A342460000+A34146E000 A 3.38 L
Roca Hall A342627/8000+A34146C000 A 3.50 L
Roca Hall A342628000+A341620000 B 3.75 L
Roca Hall A34262S000+A34162S000 A 3.38 L
Roca Hall A34662E000+A890090 B 3.75 L
Roca Happening A342567000+A341567000 B 3.75 L
Roca In-Tank Meridian A893301000 A 3.38 L
Roca In-Tank Meridian A893302000 A 3.38 L
Roca In-Tank Meridian A893303000 B 3.75 L
Roca In-Wall A890080 A 3.38 L
Roca In-Wall A890090 A 3.38 L
Roca In-Wall A890090 A 2.50 L
Roca Insignia A5A0B3A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A0C3A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A183A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A2B3A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A2C3A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A323AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A333AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A343AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A353A..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A353AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A3A3AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A3B3A..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A3C3A..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A443AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Insignia A5A453AC00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Inspira A346537..0+A890080..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira A347526..0+A890080..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira In-Wash A803060002+A890090 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira In-Wash A803060002+A890121 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira In-Wash A803061002 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira Round A342527000+A341520000 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira Round A342528000+A341520000 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira Round A346527..0+A890080..0 A 3.38 L
Roca Inspira Round A346527000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Inspira Round A347527000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Inspira Square A342537000+A341520000 A 3.50 L
Roca Inspira Square A346537000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Instant A5A3177C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A3277C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A4277C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A4377C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A4477C00 A 2.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A7877C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Instant A5A7977C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Khroma A342657000+A341650000 B 3.75 L
Roca Khroma A347657000+A341650000 B 3.75 L
Roca L20 A5A0609C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca L20 A5A2209C00 D 12.2 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3009C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3109C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3209C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3209C01 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3209C0R A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3409C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A3509C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A4009C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca L20 A5A8409C00 E 13.3 LPM
Roca L20 A5A9709..0 E 16.5 LPM
Roca L20 A5A9709..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca L20-E A5A5309C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L20-E A5A5509C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L20-E A5A5609C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20-E A5A5709C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3A09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3B09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3C09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3D09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3E09C00 A 4.4 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3G09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3H09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3I09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3J09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L20XL A5A3K09C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0101C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0601C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2001C00 E 13.9 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2201C00 D 13.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3001C00 C 8.5 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3101C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3201C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3401C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3801C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3901C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3A01C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3B01C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3C01C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A3D01C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A4001C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90 A5A4701C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5301C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5501C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5601C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5701C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5801C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca L90-E A5A5901C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3011C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3011C0N A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3111C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3411C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3411C0N A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3A11C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3C11C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3C11C0N A 5.0 LPM
Roca Lanta A5A3D11C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Loft A505319400 E 32.2 LPM
Roca Loft A5A0143C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Loft Elite A5A3051C00 E 13.3 LPM
Roca Loft Elite A5A8451C00 D 11.4 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3143C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3243C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3343C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3543C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3643C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3743C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3843C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A3943C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A5643C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Loft-E A5A5743C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Logica A5A3027C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca Logica A5A3127C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca Logica-N A5A0127C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca M2 A5A3068C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M2 A5A3168C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M2-E A5A5355C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M2-E A5A5555C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5302C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5502C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5602C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5702C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5802C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca M3-E A5A5902C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Malva A5A023B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Malva A5A063B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Malva A5A213B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Malva A5A223B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Malva A5A303B..0 A 4.9 LPM
Roca Malva A5A313B..0 A 4.9 LPM
Roca Malva A5A323B..0 A 4.9 LPM
Roca Malva A5A333B..0 A 4.5 LPM
Roca Malva A5A373B..0 A 4.5 LPM
Roca Maui Round A248499000 E 249 L
Roca Maui Square A248502000 E 272 L
Roca Mencia A5A7409..0 B 7.0 LPM
Roca Meridian-N A342245000+A341241000 A 3.38 L
Roca Meridian-N A342247000+A34124C000 A 3.38 L
Roca Meridian-N A342248000+A34124D000 A 3.38 L
Roca Meridian-N A34224C00U+34124D000  A 3.38 L
Roca Meridian-N A34224H000+34124H000  B 3.75 L
Roca Meridian-N A34724C00U+A890080000 A 3.38 L
Roca Moai A5A8146C00 E 14.5 LPM
Roca Moai-E A5A5346C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Moai-E A5A5546C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Moai-E A5A5646C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Moai-E A5A5746C00 A 5.7 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1146C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1346C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Modo AB1207D E 230 L
Roca Monodin-N A5A0107C02 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A0607C00 E 15.2 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C00 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C02 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2207C00 D 11.6 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A3007C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A3098C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A3198C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A3207C0R D 12.4 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A3298C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Monojet-N A5A3039C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Monojet-N A5A3139C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Naia A5A0296..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A0B96..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A2196..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A2B96..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3096C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3296C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3396C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3596..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3596C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3796C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3996C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3A96..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3B96..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A3D96C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A4096C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Naia A5A4496C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Natura AG0082700R E 20.8 LPM
Roca Newcast A233650000 E 222 L
Roca Nexo A34664L000+A890090 A 3.38 L
Roca Next M1 A5B8137C00 E 29.8 LPM
Roca Next M3 A5B1137C00 E 19.8 LPM
Roca Osiris A5B1L11..7 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1108C00 E 18.5 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1308C00 D 11.1 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2208C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2308C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Plenum A5B1110..0 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Plenum A5B1111..0 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Plenum Go A5B1L11..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Pure A5A0299..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Pure A5A2199..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Pure A5A3199..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A2778..0 E 16.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A2805..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A2878..0 E 16.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A2978..0 E 16.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A9978..0 E 15.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5A9978..0 E 16.0 LPM
Roca Puzzle A5B3878..0 A 4.0 LPM
Roca Raindream A5B2450C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Raindream A5B2550C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Raindream A5B2650C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Raindream A5B2750C00 D 12.1 LPM
Roca Raindream A5B2850C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B2150C00 E 26.5 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B2250C00 E 23.6 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B2350C00 E 28.0 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B3050C00 E 28.0 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B3950..0 E 30.0 LPM
Roca Rainsense A5B4050..0 E 29.0 LPM
Roca Sensum A5B1107..0 D 11.0 LPM
Roca Sensum A5B1108..0 D 11.0 LPM
Roca Sensum A5B9107..0 D 11.5 LPM
Roca Sensum A5B9108..0 D 11.5 LPM
Roca Singles A5A3819C00 E 13.8 LPM
Roca Singles Open A5A3010C00 B 7.0 LPM
Roca Singles Open A5A3410C00 B 7.0 LPM
Roca Stella A5B1B03C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Stella A5B3750..0 E 15.0 LPM
Roca Stella A5B9503C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Stella A5B9503C07 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Stella A5B9B03C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Stella A5B9B61..0 E 19.0 LPM
Roca Sureste A247350000 A 155 L
Roca Syra A5A812A..0 B 6.5 LPM
Roca Syra-E A5A8A2A..0 B 6.5 LPM
Roca Syra-F A5A8C2A..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Syra-F A5A8C2A..0 C 9.0 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A0C09..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1109C00 E 15.3 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1209..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1309C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1409..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2809C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2909C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2C09..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca T1000 A5A201A..0 E 16.5 LPM
Roca T1000 A5A201A..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Targa A5A0160C00 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Targa A5A3060C00 D 10.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A3160C00 D 10.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A3260C0R D 10.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A3460C00 D 10.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A4060C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Targa A5A8460C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Teras A5A3184C00 A 5.0 LPM
Roca Teras-N A5A025B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Teras-N A5A205B..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Teras-N A5A315B..0 A 5.0 LPM
Roca The Gap A342472000+A34147D000 A 3.38 L
Roca The Gap A342478000+A341471000 A 3.38 L
Roca The Gap A34247C00U+34147C000  A 3.38 L
Roca The Gap A34273700H+A34173C000 A 2.50 L
Roca The Gap A34647L000+A890080000 A 3.38 L
Roca The Gap A34747C00U+A890080000 A 3.38 L
Roca Thesis A5A0150C00 C 9.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A0650C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A1150C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A2950C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A3150C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A3049C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A3050C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A3449C00 A 6.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A3450C00 B 6.3 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A4749C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-Evol A5A4750C00 B 8.0 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2650C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2850C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Trend A5B2101C00 D 11.5 LPM
Roca Urban A5A3004C00 B 6.1 LPM
Roca Urban A5A3404C00 B 6.1 LPM
Roca Veranda A342447000+A341447000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria A342394000+A34139H000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria A342395000+A34139H000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria A34239A000+34139H000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria A5A0125C02 E 13.7 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A0625C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A2025C02 E 13.5 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A2C18..0 E 16.5 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A2C18..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A3025C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A3125C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A3225C0R D 12.6 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A8425C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A9A25..0 E 16.5 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A9A25..0 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Victoria-Laura A342396000+34139R000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A342396000+A34139H000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A342396000+A34139R000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A34239S000+A34139U000 A 3.38 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A344397000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A344398000+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-Laura A346303007+A890080000 B 3.75 L
Roca Victoria-T A5A1118C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A1318C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2818C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2918C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A9718C00 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A9718C00 D 12.0 LPM
Roca W+W A893020001 B 3.75 L

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