Efficiency Rating

Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
E.C.A. CARO 102118002STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. CARO 102118002xx C 9.1 LPM
E.C.A. CARO 102818002STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. CARO 102818002xx C 9.1 LPM
E.C.A. DAPHNE 102118003STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DAPHNE 102118003xx C 8.8 LPM
E.C.A. DAPHNE 102118004STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DAPHNE 102118004xx C 8.8 LPM
E.C.A. DEFNE 102108744STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DEFNE 102108744xx C 8.7 LPM
E.C.A. DEFNE 102108857STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DEFNE 102108857xx C 8.8 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 102108633STxx A 6.0 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 102108633xx C 8.4 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 102108703STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 102108703xx E 13.8 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 402105007STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. DELTA 402105007xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. ELEGANT 102108579STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. ELEGANT 102108579xx C 9.6 LPM
E.C.A. ICON 102118081HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. ICON 102118081Hxx B 6.5 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118043STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118043xx C 8.7 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118044STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118044xx C 8.3 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118049STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102118049xx B 7.7 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102518043STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102518043xx C 8.7 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102818043STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. LUNA 102818043xx C 8.7 LPM
E.C.A. MINA 102118034HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MINA 102118034Hxx B 6.6 LPM
E.C.A. MINA 102518034STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MINA 102518034xx B 6.6 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 102118063HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 102118063Hxx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 102518063STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 102518063xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104118063STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104118063xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104318063STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104318063xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104418063STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104418063xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104518063STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. MYRA 104518063xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. NEO KLASIK 102108373STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. NEO KLASIK 102108373xx C 9.4 LPM
E.C.A. NITA 102118080STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. NITA 102118080xx B 7.3 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118064STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118064xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118067STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118067xx C 9.2 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118090xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. OPTIMA 102118090xx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102107177STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102107177xx C 9.8 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102107178STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102107178xx C 9.8 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102108556STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102108556xx C 9.4 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102118017STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PINAR 102118017xx D 11.1 LPM
E.C.A. PURITY 102118082HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. PURITY 102118082Hxx B 6.3 LPM
E.C.A. QUADRILLE 102107087STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. QUADRILLE 102107087xx C 9.6 LPM
E.C.A. QUADRILLE 102108488STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. QUADRILLE 102108488xx C 9.5 LPM
E.C.A. QUADRILLE 102808488xx C 9.5 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 102118005xx E 17.6 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 402118037STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 402118037xx D 12.0 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218019STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218019xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218020STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218020xx B 6.3 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218034xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. SINK MIXERS 406218035xx C 8.3 LPM
E.C.A. SPIL 102118073STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. SPIL 102118073xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. SPIL 102118083STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. SPIL 102118083xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118058STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118058xx C 8.6 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118061STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118061xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118072STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STAR 102118072xx B 6.4 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118059STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118059xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118060STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118060xx C 9.2 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118085STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. STILA 102118085xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 102518065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 102518065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103318065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103318065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103418065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103418065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103518065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 103518065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 104818065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 104818065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 102118065STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TIERA 102118065xx B 7.8 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 102108633STxx A 6.0 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 102108633xx C 8.4 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 102108703STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 102108703xx E 13.8 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 402105007STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TOLOSA 402105007xx C 8.2 LPM
E.C.A. TOUCH 102118069HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TOUCH 102118069Hxx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. TOUCH 102118075HSTxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. TOUCH 102118075Hxx B 7.7 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102107195STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102107195xx C 9.0 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102108735STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102108735xx C 9.2 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102108736STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. VERA 102108736xx C 9.2 LPM
E.C.A. WATER TECHNOLOGY 102108754xx B 6.9 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102107266STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102107266xx C 9.1 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102118054STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102118054xx B 7.2 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102118070STxx A 5.0 LPM
E.C.A. ZAFIR 102118070xx B 6.6 LPM
Roca L20 A5A8409C00 E 13.3 LPM
Roca Loft Elite A5A8451C00 D 11.4 LPM
Roca Moai A5A8146C00 E 14.5 LPM
Roca Targa A5A8460C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A8425C00 D 12.5 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A42067EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42055EXP C 10.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42055IND C 10.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42057EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42058EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42073EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Assos A41210EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Axe S A42105EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA D - Line A42076EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A42085EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A42086EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Flo S A42103EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Flo S A42104EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A40383EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A40383IND C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42034EXP A 5.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42034MEL A 5.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42043EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42046EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42049EXP A 5.0 LPM
VitrA Ilia A42049IND A 5.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4204523EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A42045EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A42018EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax A42023EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42091EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42091INV B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42095EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Nest Trendy A42114EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Punto Fuga A41064EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Punto Viva A41054EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A42089EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A4207892EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A4207899EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A42078EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A42078IND C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line EcoSmart A42078ENR C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Sink A41864EXP B 7.0 LPM
VitrA Sink A41864TPX C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Sink Mixer A40099EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A42064EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A42065EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Style X A4208392EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Style X A4208399EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A42083EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A42083TPX C 9.0 LPM

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