Efficiency Rating

Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
Argos Argos 248/9234 E 18.7 LPM
Argos Argos 832/0627 E 19.2 LPM
Argos Argos 832/0892 E 16.9 LPM
Argos Argos 833/6697 E 18.7 LPM
Kohler Mira Pronta Dual EV 1.1736.411 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Pronta ERD 1.1736.409 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Pronta SS EV 1.1736.410 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Realm ERD 1.1735.002 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Adept BIV - eco 1.1736.423 A 6.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Agile ERD 1.1746.403 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Agile EV 1.1736.402 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Agile EV - eco 1.1736.422 A 6.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Agile S - eco 1.1736.400 A 6.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Agile S EV 1.1736.401 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Atom ERD 1.1836.003 E 25.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Atom EV 1.1836.002 E 24.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Coda EV 2.1630.001 E 23.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Excel 1.1518.300 E 35.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Myline 1.1660.017 D 12.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.001 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.002 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.005 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.006 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.101 E 40.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.102 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.103 E 40.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vier 1.1742.104 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vision 1.1797.001 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vision 1.1797.002 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vision 1.1797.003 E 16.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Vision 1.1797.004 E 16.0 LPM
Laufen cityplus 3.2175. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen cityplus 3.3175. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen curveplus 3.2109. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen curveplus 3.3109. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen Kartell 3.2133. C 9.5 LPM
Laufen Kartell 3.3133. C 9.5 LPM
Laufen twinplus 3.2162. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen twinplus 3.3162. D 10.8 LPM
Methven Contemporary ROUVDUAT01 E 16.7 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 1V E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 1VA E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 2VDIV E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 2VDIVA E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 3VDIV E 20.0 LPM
Methven Kaha KAHA 3VDIVA E 20.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 1V E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 1VA E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 2VDIV E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 2VDIVA E 14.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 3VDIV E 20.0 LPM
Methven Kiri KIRI 3VDIVA E 20.0 LPM
Methven Non Concussive NCT002 E 14.5 LPM
Methven Non Concussive NCT003 E 14.5 LPM
Roca Brava-N A5A0130C00 E 14.9 LPM
Roca Element A5A2962C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca Essential A2H0423000 E 14.2 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A2080C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A9780C00 E 14.1 LPM
Roca L20 A5A0609C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca L20 A5A2209C00 D 12.2 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0101C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0601C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2001C00 E 13.9 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2201C00 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Loft A5A0143C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Logica-N A5A0127C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1146C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1346C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A0107C02 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A0607C00 E 15.2 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C00 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C02 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2207C00 D 11.6 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1108C00 E 18.5 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1308C00 D 11.1 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2208C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2308C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1109C00 E 15.3 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1309C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2809C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2909C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A0160C00 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A0150C00 C 9.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A0650C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A1150C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A2950C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2650C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2850C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A0125C02 E 13.7 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A0625C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A2025C02 E 13.5 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A1118C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A1318C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2818C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2918C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A9718C00 D 13.0 LPM
Triton Aire UNAITHBM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Avon UNAVBACH E 25.0 LPM
Triton Benito BQBENTHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Caroli BQCARTHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Dart UNDATHCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Dart Eco ECODATHCM C 9.0 LPM
Triton Dene ECODETHBM A 6.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDEBSM E 42.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHBMCT D 12.5 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHBMDIV E 18.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHBMLE E 30.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHEXCM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Dene UNDETHEXSQM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Dove UNDOTHBM E 15.5 LPM
Triton Dove UNDOTHBM E 15.0 LPM
Triton Dove UNDOTHBMDIV E 18.0 LPM
Triton Dove UNDOTHEXSM E 25.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHBM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHBMDIV E 20.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHBSM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHBSMRR E 20.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHCMEXT E 35.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHDCDIV E 25.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHDCMX E 25.0 LPM
Triton Eden UNEDTHSQM E 25.0 LPM
Triton Eden Eco ECOEDTHCM A 6.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELIBTCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELIBTDCDIV E 25.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELICMINCBT E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELICMINCBTVO E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELICMINCEX E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELICMINCEXVO E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELIEXCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITFTHBM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMINC E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMINC3 E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMINC3BOT E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMPK1 E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMPK2 E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMTO E 30.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMV2BOT E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMV2PK1 E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITHBMV2TOP E 20.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITMV3BTCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITMV3BTSL E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITMV3EXCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elina ELITMV3EXSL E 35.0 LPM
Triton Elora UNELDCMX E 25.0 LPM
Triton Exe UNEXBSM E 42.0 LPM
Triton Exe UNEXTHBM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Kensey UNKETHBM E 20.0 LPM
Triton Kensey UNKETHCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Kensey UNKETHDCDIV E 25.0 LPM
Triton Kensey UNKETHDCMX E 25.0 LPM
Triton Kensey UNKETHSQM E 25.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMEBTCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMEBTCMFH E 35.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMEDCMX E 25.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMEEXCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMEEXCMFH E 35.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHBMDIV E 30.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHBMFH E 30.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHBTSMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHEXSM E 25.0 LPM
Triton Mersey UNMETHEXSMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Nene UNNETHBM E 25.0 LPM
Triton Nene UNNETHBMCT D 12.5 LPM
Triton Tees UNTEBMDIV E 25.0 LPM
Triton Tees UNTEBMDIVBK E 15.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHBTCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHBTCMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHDCDIV E 33.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHDCMX E 30.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHEXCM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHEXCMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHBM E 30.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHBMVT E 15.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHBMVTFH E 15.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHBTSM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHBTSMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHEXSL D 12.5 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHEXSM E 35.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHEXSMMN E 20.0 LPM
Triton Thames UNTHTHSP E 15.0 LPM
Triton Tyne UNTYTHBM E 35.0 LPM

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