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Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
AKW iCare 29010 U 5.6 LPM
AKW iCare 29011 U 5.1 LPM
AKW iCare 29012 U 4.5 LPM
AKW iSure 29021 U 4.5 LPM
AKW iSure 29022 U 5.1 LPM
AKW iTherm 29024 U 4.5 LPM
AKW iTherm 29025 U 5.1 LPM
AKW Luda 10kW 23180 U 5.3 LPM
AKW Luda 8.5kW 23281 U 4.5 LPM
AKW Luda S 10kW 23181CH U 5.3 LPM
AKW Luda S 8.5kW 23281CH U 4.5 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport 10.8kW 1.1746.004 U 5.7 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport 7.5kW 1.1746.001 U 4.0 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport 9.0kW 1.1746.002 U 4.8 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport 9.8kW 1.1746.003 U 5.2 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Max 10.8kW 1.1746.008 U 5.7 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Max 9.0kW 1.1746.007 U 4.8 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Multifit 9.0kW 1.1746.009 U 4.8 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Multifit 9.8kW 1.1746.010 U 5.2 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Thermostatic 9.0kW 1.1746.005 U 4.8 LPM
Kohler Mira Sport Thermostatic 9.8kW 1.1746.006 U 5.2 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO8BRSTL U 4.5 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO8GSBLK U 4.5 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO8GSWHT U 4.5 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO9BRSTL U 5.1 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO9GSBLK U 5.1 LPM
Triton Amore ASPAMO9GSWHT U 5.1 LPM
Triton Amore REAMO8GSBLK U 4.5 LPM
Triton Amore REAMO8GSWHT U 4.5 LPM
Triton Amore REAMO9BRSTL U 5.1 LPM
Triton Amore REAMO9GSBLK U 5.1 LPM
Triton Amore REAMO9GSWHT U 5.1 LPM
Triton Aspirante T90XR XAPEXRI9CH U 5.1 LPM
Triton Exe MMEXLBM1 U 30.0 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCDES08W U 4.5 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCDES08WGRB U 4.5 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCDES09W U 5.1 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCDES09WGRB U 5.1 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCSTY08W U 4.5 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCSTY08WGRB U 4.5 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCSTY09W U 5.1 LPM
Triton Omnicare CINCSTY09WGRB U 5.1 LPM
Triton Rally XRALI249 U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard Pumped XSGPEI823 U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP08W U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP08WGRB U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP08WGRBRSS U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP08WRSS U 4.5 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP09W U 5.1 LPM
Triton Safeguard+ CSGP09WGRB U 5.1 LPM
Triton T150+ SP1508WP U 4.5 LPM
Triton T150+ SP1509WP U 5.1 LPM
Triton T80 Easifit HM8001EF U 5.6 LPM
Triton T80 Easifit HM8008EF U 4.5 LPM
Triton T80 Pro-Fit ECO8008PF U 4.5 LPM
Triton T80 Pro-Fit SP8001PF U 5.6 LPM
Triton T80 Pro-Fit SP8007PF U 4.0 LPM
Triton T80 Pro-Fit SP8008PF U 4.5 LPM
Triton T80 Pro-Fit SP8009PF U 5.1 LPM
Triton T80Z Fast Fit XT80ZFI923 U 5.1 LPM
Triton T80Z Thermostatic Fast-Fit SP8001ZFFTHM U 5.6 LPM
Triton T80Z Thermostatic Fast-Fit SP8008ZFFTHM U 4.5 LPM
Triton T80Z Thermostatic Fast-Fit SP8009ZFFTHM U 5.1 LPM
Triton T900PI XT900PI9 U 5.1 LPM
Triton T90Z XT9ZI853 U 5.1 LPM
Triton T90Z XT9ZI953 U 5.1 LPM
Triton T90Z XT9ZISAT9 U 5.1 LPM

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