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Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
Twyford Alcona AR1148WH/AR2342WH A 2.95 L
Twyford Alcona AR1438WH/ CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Alcona AR1438WH/CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Alcona AR1438WH/CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Alcona AR1438WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Alcona AR1438WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Alcona AR1738WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Alcona AR1738WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Alcona AR1738WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Avalon AV1168WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH B 4.00 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH/CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH/CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Avalon AV1968WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Avalon rimless 700mm BTW Toilet AV1498WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Celtic BS1202WH A 145 L
Twyford Celtic BS1222WH A 145 L
Twyford Celtic BS1272WH A 145 L
Twyford Celtic BS1402WH A 137 L
Twyford Celtic BS1422WH A 137 L
Twyford Celtic BS1472WH A 137 L
Twyford Celtic BS1502WH A 149 L
Twyford Celtic BS1522WH A 149 L
Twyford Celtic BS1570WH A 149 L
Twyford Celtic BS1572WH A 149 L
Twyford Celtic CE1572WH A 140 L
Twyford Cistern CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Cistern CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Doc M Rimless PK8145WH/PK8145BE B 4.50 L
Twyford Doc M Rimless Ambulant BTW PK8148WH/PK8148BE B 4.50 L
Twyford E100 E11906WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11145WH/E12590WH B 4.50 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11148WH/E12590WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11248WH/E12590WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11348WH/E12590WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11488WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11706WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Round E11708WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Sqaure E11348WH/E12611WH D 6.00 L
Twyford E100 - Sqaure E11548WH/E12490WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11145WH/E12490WH B 4.50 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11148WH/E12490WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11248WH/E12490WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11348WH/E12490WH A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11588WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100 - Square E11709WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100-Round E11798WH, CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E100-Square E11909WH, CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford E200 E21700WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Flushwise CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Galerie GN1438WH B 4.00 L
Twyford Galerie GN8422WH A 155 L
Twyford Galerie GN8552WH B 160 L
Twyford Moda MD1145WH/MD2342WH A 2.95 L
Twyford MODA MD1148WH A 2.95 L
Twyford Moda MD1438WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Moda MD1438WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Moda MD1438WH/CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Moda MD1438WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Moda MD1438WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Moda MD1468WH A 2.95 L
Twyford Moda MD1738WH/ CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Moda MD1738WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Moda MD1738WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Neptune NE9402WH B 163 L
Twyford Neptune NE9472WH B 163 L
Twyford Neptune NE9502WH D 195 L
Twyford Neptune NE9572WH D 195 L
Twyford Neptune NE9590WH D 195 L
Twyford Neptune NE9592WH D 195 L
Twyford Opal OL8322WH A 130 L
Twyford Opal OL8400WH A 138 L
Twyford Opal OL8422WH A 138 L
Twyford Opal OL8500WH C 179 L
Twyford Opal OL8502WH C 179 L
Twyford Opal OL8522WH C 179 L
Twyford Option OT1148WH/OT2396WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Shallow SB1372WH A 110 L
Twyford Shallow SB1772WH A 135 L
Twyford Signature SE8520WH B 165 L
Twyford Signature SE8522WH B 165 L
Twyford Sola SA1512WH/ CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1512WH/CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1512WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola SA1512WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Sola SA1512WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola SA1514WH/ CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1514WH/CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1514WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola SA1514WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Sola SA1514WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH/ CX9640XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH/CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH/CX9564XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH/CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Sola SA1968WH/CX9664XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola School Rimless SA1512WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola School Rimless 300 SA1512WH/CX9251XX B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola School Rimless 350 SA1514WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Sola School Rimless 350 BTW SA1514WH B 4.50 L
Twyford Twyford BL1202WH A 145 L
Twyford Twyford BL1222WH A 145 L
Twyford Twyford BL1272WH A 145 L
Twyford Twyford BL1402WH A 137 L
Twyford Twyford BL1422WH A 137 L
Twyford Twyford BL1472WH A 137 L
Twyford Twyford BL1502WH A 149 L
Twyford Twyford BL1522WH A 149 L
Twyford Twyford BL1572WH A 149 L
Twyford Twyford CB1572WH A 138 L
Twyford Twyford NE9472WH B 163 L
Twyford Twyford OL8100WH A 128 L
Twyford Twyford OL8122WH A 128 L
Twyford Twyford OL8200WH A 138 L
Twyford Twyford OL8222WH A 138 L
Twyford Twyford OL8300WH A 128 L
Twyford Twyford OL8800WH C 179 L
Twyford Twyford OL8802WH C 179 L
Twyford Twyford OL8822WH C 179 L
Twyford Twyford Concealed Cistern CX9540XX B 4.00 L
Twyford Twyford Concealed Cistern CX9642XX A 2.95 L
Twyford Twyford Concealed Cistern CX9664XX B 4.50 L

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