Efficiency Rating

Any rating Please note: these ratings only apply to Baths, WC Suites, Cisterns, Basin Taps, Shower Controls, Shower Handsets, Kitchen Taps, Supply Line Flow Regulators, and Independent WC Pans. Click here for more information.

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Photo  Make  Model  Efficiency 
Industrias AQUANOVA FLY H 5505YK S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias AQUANOVA FLY H 5508YK S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias DRAKO H 3305 S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias DRAKO H 3334 B 8.0 LPM
Industrias DRAKO H 3339 S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias TERMOJET H 1904 S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias TERMOJET H 1906 S B 8.0 LPM
Industrias YPSILON PLUS H 6408 S B 8.0 LPM
Laufen cityplus 3.2175. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen cityplus 3.3175. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen curveplus 3.2109. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen curveplus 3.3109. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen Kartell 3.2133. C 9.5 LPM
Laufen Kartell 3.3133. C 9.5 LPM
Laufen twinplus 3.2162. D 10.8 LPM
Laufen twinplus 3.3162. D 10.8 LPM
Roca Brava-N A5A0130C00 E 14.9 LPM
Roca Element A5A2962C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca Essential A2H0423000 E 14.2 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A2080C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Even-T A5A9780C00 E 14.1 LPM
Roca L20 A5A0609C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca L20 A5A2209C00 D 12.2 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0101C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca L90 A5A0601C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2001C00 E 13.9 LPM
Roca L90 A5A2201C00 D 13.0 LPM
Roca Loft A5A0143C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Logica-N A5A0127C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1146C00 E 13.6 LPM
Roca Moai-T A5A1346C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A0107C02 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A0607C00 E 15.2 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C00 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2007C02 E 17.5 LPM
Roca Monodin-N A5A2207C00 D 11.6 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1108C00 E 18.5 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A1308C00 D 11.1 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2208C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Panama-N-T A5A2308C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1109C00 E 15.3 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A1309C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2809C00 D 12.4 LPM
Roca T-1000 A5A2909C00 D 12.7 LPM
Roca Targa A5A0160C00 D 12.0 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A0150C00 C 9.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A0650C00 E 16.7 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A1150C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis A5A2950C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2650C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Thesis-T A5A2850C00 D 12.6 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A0125C02 E 13.7 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A0625C00 E 13.2 LPM
Roca Victoria A5A2025C02 E 13.5 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A1118C00 D 12.5 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A1318C00 D 12.3 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2818C00 D 12.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A2918C00 E 14.8 LPM
Roca Victoria-T A5A9718C00 D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Aquamax A45615EXP A 6.0 LPM
VitrA Aquamax A45617EXP A 6.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A41354EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A41356EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47015EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47015TPL E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47016EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47024EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47025EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47026EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47040EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47045EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47055EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Aquatech A47056EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A40443EXP E 19.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A40444EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A40446VUK B 7.3 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A40450VUK A 3.1 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A40506EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Armix V3 A42207EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Assos A41201EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Axe S A41070EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Diagon A40591EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Diagon A41950EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Diagon A41951EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Diona A40799EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Diverters A41656EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Diverters A41657EXP E 24.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40953EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40953TPX E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40954EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40955INV D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40959EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40959IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A40961EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Dynamic S A42038EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Flo S A41937EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Flo S A41938EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Harmony A45505EXP B 7.0 LPM
VitrA Harmony A45511EXP C 10.0 LPM
VitrA Impetus A40972EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180223EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180292EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180299EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41802EKM E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41802EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180323EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180392EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180399EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41803EKM E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41803EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41803TPX E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180623EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180692EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41806EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41806VUK A 4.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180923EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180992EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4180999EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41809EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41811EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181223EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181292EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181299EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41812EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41812TPX E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181323EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181323IND C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181392EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181399EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41813EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41813IND C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41813VUK A 4.3 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4181923EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41819EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41819TPX E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41821EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4184023EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4184092EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4184099EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4184199EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41841EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A41841IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4800623EXP E 19.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4800699EXP E 19.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48006EXP E 19.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48006VUK E 19.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4801323EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4801399EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48013EXP C 8.5 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48013TPX B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4801523IND B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48021EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48021IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48022EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48022IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48022VUK E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4802323EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4802323IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4802399EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48023EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48023IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4803123EXP E 56.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4803192EXP E 56.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A4803199EXP E 56.0 LPM
VitrA Istanbul A48031EXP E 56.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4085223EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40852EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40853EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4085523EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40855EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4086723EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40867EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4086823EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4086892EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40868EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40870EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4087105EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4087105TPX E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4087123EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4087126EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4087192EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40871EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A4093523EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Juno A40935EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Juno - Swarovski A4166723EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno - Swarovski A41667EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno - Swarovski A41668EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A40942EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A4168623EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A41686EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A41687EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A4168823EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A41688EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Classic A41689EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A4166623EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A41666EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A4166823EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A4166923EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A41669EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Juno Swarovski A4167023EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A41762EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A41763EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A41764EXP E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A41790EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A42202EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA Matrix A42202IND E 16.0 LPM
VitrA MEMORIA A4231657EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA MEMORIA A4231757EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Merla S A41797EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Meta S A41795EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax A41652EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax A41903VUK B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax A41910VUK A 2.3 LPM
VitrA Minimax A41922VUK E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A40789EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A40792EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A40792INV D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A41994EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A41996EXP E 25.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42037EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42111VUK B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42112VUK A 2.9 LPM
VitrA Minimax S A42113VUK E 13.5 LPM
VitrA Mod A41836EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Mod A41838EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Nest Trendy A42242EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Nest Trendy A47084EXP E 23.0 LPM
VitrA Punto Fuga A41057EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Punto Viva A41045EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A40679EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A40684EXP E 27.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A40685EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A41262EXP E 20.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A41267EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A41270EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A41270TPX C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Pure A45544EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A40599EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A40670EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A4077892EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A4077899EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A40778EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A40779VUK A 2.6 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A40783VUK A 2.6 LPM
VitrA Q-Line A45610EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Q-Line EcoSmart A40778ENR E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Rapid A40967EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Roya A40788EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Salsa A45520EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Sammixer 5F A45482EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Sammixer 5F A45519EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45633EXP E 15.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45634EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45635EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45637EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45638EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45640EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45641EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A4564292EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A4564299EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45643EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45644EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45645EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45646EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45647EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A45648EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A4800692EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Heads A4802392EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sets A45495EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sets A45513EXP C 10.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sets A45514EXP D 11.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sets A45546EXP A 6.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sets A4801392EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sistemi A45223EXP E 47.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sistemi A45534IND A 5.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sistemi A45540EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA Shower Sistemi A45601IND A 4.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A40461EXP D 13.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A40464EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A40465INV E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A40465VUK B 6.9 LPM
VitrA Slope A40466INV E 22.0 LPM
VitrA Slope A40468VUK A 3.1 LPM
VitrA Slope A40470VUK A 3.1 LPM
VitrA Slope A40473VUK E 16.0 LPM
VitrA STEP A41945EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4017192EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4017199EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A40171EXP E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4067192EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4067199EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A40671EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A40671IND D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A40672EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4067392EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4067399EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A45538EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560792EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560792IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560799EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560799IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560892EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560892IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560899EXP E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4560899IND E 18.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4561292EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A4561299EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA Style-X A45612EXP D 12.0 LPM
VitrA System Drop A45599EXP C 10.0 LPM
VitrA System Rain A45597EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA System Rain A45597TPL C 9.0 LPM
VitrA System Rain A45598EXP C 10.0 LPM
VitrA System Rain A4561123EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA System Rain A45611EXP C 9.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4063992EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4063999EXP E 21.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40639EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40639IND B 8.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4064992EXP E 35.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4064999EXP E 35.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40649EXP E 35.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40649IND E 35.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4069592EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4069599EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40695EXP E 26.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40695IND E 26.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4069792EXP E 24.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4069799EXP E 24.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40697EXP E 24.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A40697IND E 26.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A4124592EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A41245EXP E 16.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A41283EXP E 14.0 LPM
VitrA T4 A45550EXP B 8.0 LPM
VitrA Therapy A45506EXP B 7.0 LPM
VitrA Therapy A45512EXP B 7.0 LPM
VitrA Therapy A45517EXP E 14.1 LPM
VitrA Therapy A45517IND E 14.1 LPM
VitrA Uno A40856VUK E 17.0 LPM
VitrA Vega A47091EXP C 9.0 LPM

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